An insider look at Fanduel from Empty the Bench

For those of you that don’t know who or what FanDuel I would like to introduce you before jumping into our Review.

Fanduel is a daily fantasy sports website offering events and contests in the fantasy sport world for players to show off their knowledge and skills.  They offer a wide array of fantasy sporting contests for sport enthusiasts to participate in.  If you are a seasoned professional or newbie looking to have fun and simply dominate FanDuel is the obvious choice.  FanDuel continues to be one of the fastest growing player forums available.  They are proud to boast about the fact that they added well over a million new players in 2015 and expect that number to be even larger in 2016.

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Let’s get into our FanDuel Review



I want to start out right where it starts when you leave our site via our special portal to Fanduel which you can find directly above.  You will find yourself at the registration page which is made very simple and quick.  After you have registered or logged in with you user id and password you will gain full access to the website.  FanDuel has done considerable work to the site to ensure that it is fast and easy to navigate around in.  They also immediately show any major upcoming contests and events that they are promoting and the specifics on how to qualify or enter.  I have found the site to be visually appealing and very interactive.  Entering contests is simple along with loading line ups.  We rated the registration process as well as the website navigation and experience overall at a 5 star level.



Another 5 star rating for the events, games, overall prize money and tournament measurement rating.  FanDuel offers hundreds, thousands of contests for player to sign up for.  The fact that based on pure numbers of players you can be assured that contests don’t get cancelled at the last minute due to lack of participation or lack of players signed up for the event.  The variety of games based on style of play, entry fee, and prize dollars is absolutely limitless.  FanDuel is so diverse that you can practically pick the level of competition you would like to compete against.  It makes starting out for newbies fantastic as you can get your feet wet without losing a ton of money.  You odds of winning will be much greater but same respect the purse money may not be the highest.  As you skill level improves you can jump into bigger and bigger contests which will cost a bit more but same respect will pay out much higher.  The choices and variety of games is absolutely astounding and you will find yourself loving to compete against the best.

We rank FanDuel at the top for types of contests, difficulty variety, diversity of contest formats and rules.  They are dependable so once you enter no problem with last minute cancelations so they rank at the top for this as well.

Overall we find Fanduel to be the very best of daily fantasy sports websites with respect to game options.  The team of Empty the Bench highly recommends you visit our Fanduel Promo Code page through the above link and get started having fun today.



All we need to say in this section is world class.  There are few companies in the world that actually claim world class customer service let alone a company in the Daily Fantasy Sports niche.  FanDuel takes huge pride in providing fast and friendly service via chat boxes, help lines, FAQ, or Tutorial assistance.  FanDuel has ensured they have taken every step to exceed all expectations of service.  They understand exactly how important their players are and that the service is the best so they have placed their money in all the right places to ensure that they provide world class customer support to those that make the difference, the players themselves.

We added in overall quality of experience in this group as well to review.  One just has to give it a try and try some of FanDuel competitors to understand that the quality of the overall experience is of the highest levels.  It is like they have taken all the good points from other sites incorporated into their site and eliminated all of the bad points in order to take advantage of the best practices of the competition.

For Customer Support and Quality of Experience we have ranked at a 5 star experience.



When you combine all of the components that we have reviewed and graded you will come out with a 4.93 overall star rating for our friends at FanDuel.  We encourage users to provide feedback on your overall experience with us so that we can ensure that we stay aligned with our preferred players who stream to FanDuel from Our FanDuel Promo Code page on Empty the  We are extremely proud to be aligned with FanDuel and DraftKings and will continue to provide detail and comments to our loyal followers.

We look forward to hearing from you please leave a note or comment to us about you experience and any help we can provide.  Remember we are only a partner with FanDuel not the owners so there is nothing we can do to modify their website or formats.  We encourage you to utilize their world class customer service for any issues or comments about their services or website.

Best of Luck and remember it is meant to be a fun and interactive fantasy sports game, hope you have enjoyed this review.

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