There’s a reason you are here, whether it’s the challenge of dominating the completion, building a nice bankroll with all your winnings, or simply having fun participating in the variety of games, you can get it done at!  You more than likely heard about the fun from your friends or perhaps have seen the commercials or advertisements found on just about every sport outlet like ESPN, Fox Sports Network, Golf Channel, Sports Illustrate, The Sporting News, They are everywhere.  FanDuel has taken Fantasy Sports to the next level with an incredible marketing campaign geared to the Avid Sports Guru in all of us.   To top off the Fun they offer a Special Promotions to help get you started.

Our team here at Empty the Bench is proud to say that we have you covered with the same if not better promo code offered in those advertisements.   We guarantee that our FanDuel promo code link will give you special access to the top promo bonus being offered.  Additionally we want to be your number one source that we will take you step by step on how to use to code so that you have immediate access to those bonus bucks.

guide-to-fanduel-promo-codesYou are probably asking yourself what kind of BONUS deal are we talking about well I can guarantee that our FanDuel PROMO is the best available offer for 2016.  Let’s disclose right now that FanDuel has completely eliminated providing FanDuel Promo Codes however they still consistently offer exclusive special promotions for us to promote and offer to our followers. We continue to promote and push our partnership benefits to optimize the best possible promotional bonus offered to readers. So lets be clear that our promo code link gains you full access to five uniquely creative promo code offers at Fan Duel com.  Additionally New Players receive free entry into the most current event, this event is referred to as the “New Depositor’s Freeroll”.  Ensure you take advantage of this opportunity to kick start the fun by showing your sports genius.

Let’s get you started.  Don’t worry if you are new to using a FanDuel Promo, FanDeul makes is easy.   First I would suggest you highlight and copy our unique code when available so that you can get access to that incredible promo bonus.   Click one of our quick links to direct you to FanDuel’s homepage.  You will see a green “Try it Now” call to action button that will direct you to a registration window.   It’s like any other registration form, you will create your user name and password for access.  Ensure you pick a strong one to protect your account.  At the bottom of this registration window you will see the “got a promo code or referral username” entry spot.  You’re in, you’ve locked in your promo prize!  It’s time to have some fun with our friends at!!!!!


Best FanDuel Promo for 2016

FanDuel Continues to impress us with creative out of the box thinking and this month is no different. They have developed this latest FanDuel Promo offer that guarantees 100% of your entry Fee back up to $120.

Get started today it’s simple. Click thru Promo Code link, register, deposit to your account and play any event of up to $120 and if you don’t win FanDuel will refund 100% of your entry fee back into your account. Basically they are giving you access to a free event for up to $120.

Take advantage today risk free and start having fun.



Again the Fanduel promo code need has been eliminated however we still receive question on how does Fanduel work? Well, once you have completed your registration process and used our promo code active link you will be given immediate access to your matching Free Entry into a contest of your choosing.  There has been quite a bit of scrutiny and questions about the Fanduel deposit bonus match program. So for that reason FanDuel has stepped away from doing a 100% matching Deposit Bonus and now offer entry into free tourney’s in it’s place. Because of the controversy around he rate at which FanDuel would distribute they have received negative press so for 2016 they are offering other incentives for players to sign up and play Daily Fantasy Sports on FanDuel. You see in the past 10 to 15 years there have been numerous fly by night fantasy sport venues that have gone belly up because of such practices that did not protect you the player and the platform itself.  Many get rich schemes and tricky dick practices have hurt the industry.  Current Industry leaders like FanDuel and DraftKings have given players incentive to join with promising matching funds that were pending bonus money that was distributed as you played but that is no longer offered by FanDuel. FanDuel wants players to have a great experience and to continue to play with their favorite forum.

They are not interested in having you join one week and win or lose and not return.  So they are providing that carrot or incentive for you to return and have fun.  This is about having fun with your friends, family, and competitors.  Sure winning the money is awesome but being the best in the world is even better.

So how do the new FanDuel Promo promised made available to players?

So after you go through the registration process and complete you intial deposit you will receive your unique FanDuel Promo Code Bonus. If you check your account you will see that the bonus deal has been placed into your account. It provides you free access into an event of up to $120. No business is sustainable if they don’t turn some profit.  Everyone understands that.  Fantasy Sporting sites are no different however the numbers are much better for you the player.  For instance you go to a casino and play blackjack or roulette or craps.  The house gets the money you lose and if everyone at the table is having a bad night the casino makes a ton of cash or profit.  Industry standard for sporting venues that are managed correctly is for the house to get a rake of only 10% of each pot or pool.  The balance of 90% is paid out to contest winners.  In some cases this could be winner takes all contests others disperse determined upon were you finished in the contest.  So you can see the fact that FanDuel is giving you free entry into $120 contest is amazing. Make sure you continue to check our FanDuel Promo Codes page every week as the special promo offers are made to us exclusively first before rolling out to the public.

Why are they willing to give new players such a large part promo offer? 

It’s no secret that success there is a ton of competition in Daily Fantasy Sports. Even though FanDuel has stepped away from providing a matching Deposit Bonus for various reasons they still want to provide a great deal of value for those initially signing up to participate in the games. In fact the recent change in policy has made it more important from a marketing perspective to create outstanding promo opportunities for players. That is the main reason we are constantly preaching to visitors to our site that they stay current on the latest and greatest FanDuel Promo Code offers provided by our friends at With the latest offer they are giving new players a shot at starting their fun on the run. They understand that you are initially green to the daily fantasy sports game so FanDuel wants to provide some help by reducing their overall risk with this promo bonus.  They want you to learn how to have fun and promote their business via friends, family, colleagues.  It’s important to remember they don’t have to give you any money to participate.  There are millions of players having a great time and experience at FanDuel.  They simply want you to enjoy the experience as well.

Our team here at Empty the Bench encourage beginners to first learn how to play FanDuel by taking things slowly at first.  Participate in lower cost easier games at first until you get your confidence and understanding up.  When you feel like you are hitting your stride and winning some competitions step it up into the slightly bigger competitions.  Don’t jump into the professional level competitions immediately that can leave a bad taste in your mouth.  Have fun with it and enjoy yourself, you might join the elite group of Big FanDuel Winners.  The competition is great and if you’ve ever played any Fantasy Sport you know how much fun it can be.



First, we have a unique partnership with FanDuel that allows us to bring the very best available promo code FanDuel has to offer.  When FanDuel is looking to promote a special contest or event we are the first to be notified so that we can update our page and provide the best possible deal to our loyal followers.   Secondly, our team member’s number one priority each day is to visit the internet for what appears to be a better FanDuel Promo Code to ensure that we haven’t missed something from our partnership with FanDuel.   We do this because we completely understand how valuable having the latest top bonus received with our FanDuel Promo Code can be to new players. So get started today and receive a nice little gift from FanDuel on your very first deposit, is to participants who are just getting started with daily fantasy sporting contests.

FanDuel Deposit Bonus Match $200After all that said we are confident we have the best Fanduel promo codes.

Even though we have a very close relationship with the FanDuel Marketing team and believe our uniquely exclusive FanDuel promo offer is the very best we feel that it is only part of the reason you visit our site.  We are extremely proud of our history of bringing unique content at Empty the Bench.  We have been away for a bit of time but are back bringing it to you first hand.   Our owner and team had a target of launching the site by the start of training camp and we are very close if not ahead of schedule.  You will find quirky articles about all your sports hero’s along with detail articles that will help you along the way.  We have some industry leaders providing content that can provide you with the edge you can use during you line-up submittals. Take advantage of not only one of the internet’s best FanDuel Promo offers but expert opinions for the upcoming Fantasy Football Season.



Simple fact is beyond the FanDuel Promo or Free Entries into events FanDuel is King.  Beyond the amazing marketing strategies and campaigns on many of the sporting industry leaders such as; ESPN, Sporting News, Fox Sports Network just to name a few.  They have done an incredible job of promoting their brand and product but that really is just the tip of the iceberg towards establishing themselves as the dominant Fantasy Sports Forum. Over the last 5 years Daily Fantasy Sports has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world and FanDuel is absolutely killing it.  In Fact they have more participants playing in contests than all other competitors combined.  Sure the FanDuel promo code radio commercials and endorsements on major sporting TV networks  have contributed to their success but there is much more.


FanDuel is committed to making their players experience incredible in addition to the fanduel free entry bonus promos they offer a very interactive platform.  Their online presence is unmatched. They have make their online interfaces, website both desktop and mobile extremely friendly and easy to navigate by their participants.  They even have developed an app for players to have easy access at the touch of a finger.  Additionally nobody in the industry has a wider variety of games and tournaments to play.   It is no secret they have bigger payouts including million dollar contests that attract the world’s best daily fantasy players.

Is that all you got FanDuel? 

Is that it? Great Marketing, Industry Leading payouts, user-friendly online platforms.  What is Fanduel really all about? We are told their product is the easiest to win money with?  Again it’s makes sense right?  Common sense tells us that if FanDuel have the highest number of players among all daily fantasy sports sites not all are experts.  That’s right FanDuel Being the industry leader and based on promoting to new users with their FanDuel Promo Offer to keep the influx of players coming to the sport. The Culture is extremely diverse from beginner to expert level players are at FanDuel submitting their line-ups daily.  Get in and navigate around try a variety of contest and figure out which events you like the most and become an expert.  There are no get rich schemes, it takes work dedication and knowledge to become an industry leading expert.  All that being said as you know sometimes it does take a little bit of luck or perfect timing for it all to come together.  The most important thing it to have Fun.  If you are not having Fun!

FanDuel Fantasy Football



I know I can’t get any more fired up for Football to get started both College and Professional.  I was going to say get any more ready but fired up was more appropriate because like any FanDuel Fantasy Football player there is much to do.  Lots of research and homework is coming my way to get prepped for the upcoming season.  In the old days we would buy a couple of fantasy football magazines and build a draft day strategy and go.  It’s all changed today, there are so many resources available to get detail information to prepare yourself to become that expert.  The resources are endless and FanDuel itself should be a resource that you don’t neglect. Not many people are aware that they provide detailed information to help their players. Let’s get into some of the reasons why you should jump on the FanDuel Fantasy Football bandwagon.

To start you should already have some clues as to why but here is the first of those reasons.  FanDuel has created an easy to use website for both desktop and mobile as well as an interactive app.  You’ll have direct access to all of your account information at the touch of a finger. This is extremely important with the busy lifestyles most of us have.  We are not always able to make the necessary adjustments in the comfort of our home, we may have to do them while on the run.  FanDuel has made it possible to make changes to your line-ups easy.  In Fact with their easy to use platform you can build, edit individually, edit in bulk, make last minute modifications to line-ups on the fly from any device.  In order to be able to provide this and to maintain the quality of their site at world class levels they have had to invest large amounts of money to ensure that the site can handle the traffic and be extremely dependable. During peak periods of time FanDuel Fantasy Football can have millions of participants logging on and off the site at a time.  Their website and app’s performance is unmatched and highly successful in handling any extreme condition thrown at it.

The next reason why you should be playing Fantasy Football at FanDuel taking advantage of the Free Promo Bonus received from our FanDuel Promo Offer is the overall quantity of contests they provide.  We have already pointed out how much easier it is to win at FanDuel because they have so many more members playing daily fantasy sports like Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball, and Fantasy Basketball.  Additionally they have a slew of different contests with a wide multitude of prizes money and entry fees.  In fact you can even set up your own contests and invite specific friends to compete with.  FanDuel makes the whole interaction experience feel so much better to not only those who have played for years but the newbie that are just getting started.

Next Reason to jump onto the FanDuel Fantasy Football train is their service package.  They have customer service tech’s waiting to assist players with a wide array of issues that are causing destress.  The FanDuel Team members are available via a number of different venues and if the problem requires a deeper dive a ticket will be issued for fast action and closure.  Technicians are available 24/7 so don’t hesitate to contact them with your question or issue.   Another service that is second to none is how quickly your payouts occur from the time you request.  The funds are made immediately for quick withdrawal.  Typically payments are made through your PayPal account immediately upon request.  FanDuel understands that your funds are yours to manage, they are merely acting as a bank would by holding in your account.  If PayPal isn’t something you use we would recommend you get an account.  It’s simple to sign up and link to your bank so that transactions are made immediately, otherwise FanDuel cuts a check and uses snail mail to send it to you.  This makes gaining access to your funds a bit slower.  The money will be sent but it could take a bit more time.

In closing the Empty the Bench team believes that the above facts make FanDuel Fantasy Football the obvious choice particularly with new participants who take advantage of our FanDuel Promo for FanDuel 100% guarantee on the $120 max contest.  As a bonus to the above reasons to choose FanDuel we want to give you one more reason to join.  FanDuel provides expert advice and content on how to win and participate with their Daily Fantasy Sports forum.   We recommend you check out the FanDuel Insider created by FanDuel directly for you.  Next to our team at Empty the Bench there is no more authority expert that provides the latest news and updates on improving your team.  Not many companies provide detail on how to win at their game and this makes FanDuel a notch above their competitors.  We won’t be giving you a closing argument to persuade you to join up other than to say jump in and start having fun.  Remember that if it’s your first time signing up don’t waste your opportunity to get the free $200 cash match.  Deposit $200 into your account get the match and then lock in those line-ups.  Make FanDuel Fantasy Football your preferred choice.


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Do we get our 100% money back guarantee that was promised on sign up?

Yes, as stated above once you have made your initial deposit you will see in your account the promo offer allowing you to enter into a 100% money back event up to $120 cash. This is such a huge deal for those trying to initially come out on top. What a way to get started then actually getting your bankroll off and running in a huge way. Don’t sit back take advantage of this special Fan Duel promo code and launch your season into the endzone like a hail mary with 2 seconds on the clock.

Is Fanduel legit and Legal to play?

Yes, playing FanDuel and Daily Fantasy Sports is Legit and Legal.  It is absolutely legal to participate, compete and win at FanDuel.   Obviously if you are asking this question you have heard of the recent battles between the big guys (DraftKings or FanDuel) and State Governments.  When you boil it down the Government wants their cut and have threatened to make it illegal.  States are now passing legislation to make it completely legal for everyone because of the strong reaction to the recent Government threats.  You can help there are many forums out there providing detail on how to help push legislation ensuring we have the right to participate in the future.   Simply google “making fantasy sports legal” and you will find resources to take action and ensure that you continue to have a right to participate in the future.

Is the FanDuel Promo Code always a Deposit Bonus Match?

The answer to this is NO!  FanDuel changes up their promotions from time to time so it is very important that you stay current on what our FanDuel Promo Code has to Offer.  It is not unusual for them to change up their promo code bonus quantity or offer special entry into various upcoming events.  We suggest whenever there is a major event coming up that you do a quick check on this page to ensure you are not missing out on a special deal that is just too good to be true.

I have not been able to win, am I doing something wrong?

We are sorry to hear this.  Here it is flat out not everyone will win the first, second, or even third event they get into.  We have in the past advised to pick easier events with lower cost to get in until you develop your skill level.  We also suggest when you play any daily fantasy sporting event that you do your homework and lots of research each and every day so you have the latest updates. You need to keep trying to develop a strategy that is consistently resulting in a winning outcome.  Master at the easier events before attempting to move up the ranks.  There are lots of masters, gurus, experts, genius, playing to win and most of their success is not overnight.  Have fun playing smaller events with better odds of winning and enjoy the learning experience.

If you have questions please drop us a note and we will try to respond back to you.  If the question is asked by multiple folks we will add the response here on our most Frequently Asked Questions comments.


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