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In response to numerous emails and constant complaints from players looking to sponge off of the generosity of the two major Daily Fantasy Sports Sites with respect to the illustrious Deposit Bonus.

First let’s just say that most real players jump into DFS not for a quick buck, you searched and joined to have fun.  The deposit bonus didn’t make you search and join.  You didn’t just hear some wild rumor at work about how you become a cash cow by taking advantage of FanDuel and DraftKings little Deposit.  Initially Deposit Bonus money was set up by DFS Sites to be an exact match but there are those slugs in the world who ruin it for all.  They figure out how to play with the DFS sites money and pocket their own cash.  Matter of fact these guys were extremely smart they would enter under multiple names cash in on the DFS sites charity and yank out their cash and compete against the honest players.  These individuals not only would pull their cash out but they would win contests and walk away with a huge payday from those who are playing the sport in an honorable fashion.  This caused the collapse of many daily fantasy sport sites because they couldn’t earn enough to support the games and in some extreme cases they actually went out of business not capable cashing out players accounts when they went belly up.

What started out as an honest attempt to lure folks to their site by helping them to overcome the initial losing streak that most new players experience with some additional playing money turned into a an opportunity for those losers to come out of the woodwork and take advantage of those of us who follow through the way it was initially intended.   So if you were one of those clowns that did this and are reading our comment right now, you suck!

So in the meantime we have the two most successful DFS businesses in the world caught in a hard place they have this Deposit Bonus that is sucking the life out of their business and they have to figure out how to stop the bleeding to ensure that they are around for the long haul.  That’s right making sure that Fantasy Sports lovers like ourselves have a venue that we can still participate in and play and have a chance to not only do what we love but still have a shot at winning a prize.  Now how did they do that?  They promise a matching bonus.  There is no excuse for not knowing that there are rules around how that deposit bonus is managed.

In order to protect themselves both Draftkings and FanDuel match your initial deposit bonus with a pending bonus.   What exactly does that mean?  It means that it is not automatically dispersed to you.  It could take a full year for it to be dispersed but the fact it that you get it once so you should try to get the max amount possible.  FanDuel and DraftKings have completely different ways of dispersing but fact is that if you play and continue playing access to those funds will be made available.

I want to remind you that both of these DFS sites are not the local casino where they are raking in 50% or more on certain games.  FanDuel and DraftKings make a 10% rake on all games with balance of 90% going into the winning prize money’s.  Keep in mind all of the behind scene costs that are pulled out of that 10% rake… It’s amazing that they are in business to begin with let along giving away free cash.  In fact there has been discussion by both sites of eliminating the matching deposit bonus completely.

So let’s be clear, when DraftKings and/or FanDuel offers up a matching deposit bonus it is in the form of a pending bonus that gets distributed in a very conservative manner in which we will discuss next.


Here is how the FanDuel Pending Bonus works it is much different than that of DraftKings.  It is in our opinion the easier to understand.  When FanDuel offers a matching initial deposit bonus they essentially place it into a pending bonus account and as you play games they disperse it at a rate of 4% of the cost to get in the game.  For example, let’s make it simple.  If you jump into a $100 game FanDuel will deposit 4% into your account or $4.  Remember they only have a 10% rake on your $100 investment which means that when you have a pending bonus they are in fact sharing part of that 10% rake.  Because you are new they want to give you an opportunity to have less risk until you become somewhat more experience with winning.  So they drop their rake down to 6% which covers their costs.

Again they release 4% of the value of the contest you enter from the pending bonus and continue to do this until you receive 100% of the matching deposit bonus promised to you.


So we see just how FanDuel does it, it is pretty cut and dry.   DraftKings has their own system for managing the pending bonus and it incorporates a point system, called Frequent Player Points.  Essentially DraftKings rewards players with the pending bonus cash for entering contests.  As you enter contests you are rewarded with points that will result in bonus dollars being deposited into your account.  You can use these bonus dollars immediate as they are released from the pending balance.  DraftKings rewards frequent player points based on the dollar value of the contest you enter.  Here are some examples recently taken directly off of the site.

If you enter a $1 contest you receive 4 FPP (frequent player points), $109 dollar entry fee will earn you 360 FPP’s.  A $200 contest will get you 550 FPP’s.  We recommend that you do your own research on exactly how many Frequent Player Points are awarded on various contests as this information may become outdated and changes do occur from time to time.

Let’s be clear once again on how the matching deposit bonus is placed into a pending bonus status and slowly released into your account based on FPP’s earned.


So by now if you have taken 5 minutes to read up on this you can just skip the balance because I am just going to repeat it for those individuals who are too stupid to really understand.

FanDuel and DraftKings will give you a matching Deposit Bonus to use on their website however that matching bonus is made available to you in small affordable increments.  They are not looking for you to break their bank and send their hard work and business into the crapper.  Here that all you dummies.  They will release it slowly from a pending bonus pool of cash.  As you play you will be rewarded with either some cash or points that will eventually result in cash into your account.

FanDuel and DraftKings are being gracious in offering this to begin with.  Reality is they don’t have to offer anything at all for you to go to their site and participate in your favorite fantasy sporting event.  It’s a gift, not a right.  So please do not ask us to explain again why you didn’t understand the fact that they didn’t just hand you free money for no reason what so ever.  You are paying to have a shot at winning and a shot at having some fun.  If you are not smart enough to do your homework, fine tune your strategies to win don’t complain to us.   Do some research, learn about the players, learn how to compete and win.

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