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By now you probably have heard of a little company called DraftKings. More than likely you have seen some of their ads on just about every sport network available.  Let us be clear DraftKings is a daily fantasy sports venue that offers extreme competition for players interested in showing their skill level while competing for amazing grand prizes.

DraftKings really stepped up over the couple of years to now be in position to compete with the very top of dfs sites.  DraftKings aggressive nature with respect to marketing almost bankrupted the company last year but the vision of their leadership felt it was a necessary risk in order to achieve the position the company stands at today.  They currently are bouncing between #1 and #2 with Fanduel.  Regardless if it’s DraftKings or FanDuel you are sure to have a great time competing with friends, family, newcomers to the sport as well as local legends and top level experts.

Our team at Empty the Bench is a proud partner with DraftKings as well as an active participant.  We would be lying if we didn’t say that we enjoy initiating and growing a little bankroll while having a blast playing our favorite online activity, Fantasy Sports.  In particular Fantasy Football.  I can recall back in the day when a small group of guys in the office started a Fantasy Football League where everyone put in $100 and winner with winner takes all concept.  We deployed an auction style draft and I knew that I needed to put together a strategy to win, Year 1 I think with some luck I made the playoffs but finished in like 4th place.  Year 2, I was the runner up.  Year 3, when some modifications to my draft day formula and some shrewd pickups along the way my name got placed on the trophy along with a very nice Christmas bonus.  Life was good.  That love has manifested into today’s fun on the local DFS Sites.

Today I mostly get into 50/50 contests or the occasional $3 to $5 contest.  Every once in a while I will enter a qualifier for the millionaire contests and have had some luck.  We have been close within striking distance into the final leg only to fall a bit short.  And amazingly had an unbelievable time doing it. Some folks go do and do a scratch off for $5 buck and within 30 seconds they are done.  I choose to have the experience watching and playing the sports event that I love, whether it is DraftKings Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball, or whatever sport you can find it and have fun with it on DraftKings.

Enough about me and how I like to have fun playing daily fantasy sports let’s get into our DraftKings Review.




Our team decided to do a side by side comparison of how DraftKings works their promo code offers to existing and new players looking to get started.

DraftKings without a doubt is an industry leader.  In the past they have offered an initial deposit bonus that was 3X that of the competition.  They also will throw in free entry into various events for new as well as existing players.  The team at DraftKings.com understand exactly how important these types of promotions are to their existing and prospective client/customer base.

This understanding is why we have rated DraftKings in the upper 4.5+ star range because as of today they continue to honor us with great deals to not only start our season on the right foot but to have continued success and fun while competing in our favorite events.



We graded DraftKings at a level of 5 star for both the registration process as well as the overall site construction for ease and interaction.

DraftKings comes at you with the make it easy concept.  There shouldn’t be any burden or stress involved with signing up. They have streamlined this process to ensure it is user friendly.  Simply enter your desired user name, email address, password and boom you are in.  It’s made simple for you.  After registration you can go in at any point and fill out your user details in again a very user friendly format.

DraftKings completely wants the focus and sites appeal to be placed on the format of the actual games and the competition that comes with participating in these events.  They have enriched their site so that it is both pleasing to the eye as well as to the brain.  They ensure that you can easily navigate around and make extremely logical decisions about entering events and building your Draftkings lineup.  They provide player detail to assist you with making an educated decision with respect to which players to play or sit.  They have a very unique system that creates a team cap that all participants must word under.

Their website is extremely reliable, with the multitude of players and interaction going on by each of those you would think the sites performance would suffer but it does not.  Draft Kings has made a huge investment in their online properties and we were extremely pleased and still are today with the overall website experience.

They even offer a DraftKings App so that you can stay active on the go.  Simply download and start playing.



This was another no brain grade of 5 star.  The minute you register and deposit that that initial cash into your account you will see an incredible number of events that you can enter.  The variety and choices seem endless.

The true trick if finding one that you like to play in and get entered.  Don’t get stressed by the selections take it slow review them understand the entry cost as well how the prize money is paid out.  There are all sorts of combinations to choose from.  This is one of the reasons DraftKings is so highly rated by not only us but by so many industry leaders.  Sports channels like ESPN have dedicated whole segments of their programs to helping you make picks.  They are huge with a huge player population.

This also helps because with so many people signing on to play daily fantasy sports games on DraftKings you are less likely to run into contests that collapse at the last minute due to lack of participation.  It just doesn’t happen.  They fill contests and are constantly adding more contests for players to jump in.

The diversity in both event options as well as prize money and how it’s paid out are the main reasons we have ranked DraftKings as our number one DFS option and given them a solid 5+star rating on this topic.




DraftKings continues to impress with closing out the review process with a couple more 5 star reviews.  Customer service and the overall quality of experience marks are world class.

If you get stuck DraftKings makes it easy to get help. They have 24/7 customer support on the site that you can chat up with or contact if you have a question that may need time to respond to.  They have the normal FAQ section that you can review to see if the question has been raised in the past, more than likely yes it has but every once in while something new gets thrown at them.  There is also some tutorial information shared from DraftKings that you can access and learn more about topics like:

How Does DraftKings Work?

What is DraftKings?

How do you play DraftKings?

And many other questions that get answered.

DraftKings goes above and beyond with making sure that you are completely supported as you come online to have some fun.  It’s all part of having a quality experience.

Draftkings wants to ensure that the quality of experience for you begins at registration and continues all the way through the process including taking those winnings and using them for something fun.  We graded out the overall experience 5 star and when compared to some of their competition it actually should be much higher.  Let’s wrap this up.



When we combine all of our DraftKings Review elements we grade our partners at DraftKings.com at a 4.97, almost perfect marking.  It doesn’t get much better than this folks.  They have stepped up to the plate and delivered unmatched services and a product that can’t be compared to any other DFS Site out there.

We hope you have enjoyed this review and if you would like to join the Empty the Bench team and provide some comments or feedback just drop us a note.  We encourage you to stay current on all DraftKings news and the latest DraftKings promo code by visiting our promo code page.  We have a unique partnership with DraftKings that ensures we have the latest deals and best online offers available.

We will continue to align ourselves with both FanDuel and DraftKings in order to provide you our loyal followers the latest and greatest.  Again we encourage you to provide some comments and get involved in our website and what we have to offer.  We hope to bring you some fun and exciting news and articles that offer unique comments that are not necessarily aligned with other sites work.  We have had and will continue to take a unique approach to reporting all things sports.

Best of Luck and remember it is meant to be a fun and interactive fantasy sports game.

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