Best DraftKings Promo Code for 2016

DraftKings understands precisely what to do to get players to their site. They had a winning formula last year with unmatched DraftKings Promo Codes for new players they literally were giving money away by the handful. In Fact it worked so well that for new players they will match up to $600 deposit bonus cash. Their DraftKings Deposit Bonus can’t be beat to help get you kicked off on the right foot.

Jump on board with trying to knock the DraftKings off the top of the mountain by playing in using our exclusive promo code below. Be aware that often DraftKings will provide additional bonuses to players so keep you eyes open as the season goes along.


Stop the ongoing search for that perfect DraftKings code.. We have it our team is partnered up with DraftKings.com to provide exclusive opportunities to receive the largest deposit bonus possible.   Our promo code is provided directly from DraftKings ensuring that it will work 100% of the time.  If you love fantasy sports as much as we do you will surely love DraftKings.  They are currently the industry leader in daily fantasy sports.

We are about to kick off the 2016 Football Season and DraftKings Fantasy Football is up and running. They are the only DFS website to have preseason contests.  In fact if you follow the above link you will receive entry into a free tournament on of DraftKings best promotional offer.  By using our link no DraftKings promo code is necessary.  You just get to take advantage of our unique partnership with DraftKings.com.

If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself once you have registered or entered through our exclusive portal you will be issued a free ticket for entry into any $3 NFL contest of your choosing.  You can use it now or save it for an future opportunity to enter one of their Million dollar Payout contests.   DraftKings is always looking to make elite millionaires sealing your spot in the DraftKings Winners Hall of Fame.

DraftKings is in your face bigger and better than ever before they have reloaded and geared up for an incredible Fantasy Season in 2016 with amazing contests and huge events that will amaze players.  Sign up today by using our unique DraftKings promo code register for your first time this month and get in on the unbelievable offer.

We have transitioned from Basketball and Hockey season into Golf and Baseball.  Now it time to get ready for some Football.  With both NFL and College Football kicking it off during the month of August it is time to get ready, do some research, establish a primary and secondary strategy and start having some fun.  Best of luck from our team here at Empty the Bench.  Look for our exclusive updates on all your sporting updates, news and projections.



DraftKings continues to excel with cutting edge daily fantasy sport strategies.  Last year they ratcheted up their marketing campaigns, event diversity, and promo code offers.  DraftKings are busy taking the experience to the next level and have thus far eliminated the need for their promo codes.  They are making it simple on both us as well as you the player.  All you need to do as previously presented is access DraftKings website through our uniquely exclusive portal by cling the link at the top of our page.  It will take you directly to the site where you can register, make your initial deposit and receive the latest and greatest promo offer.

Why is it so important to take full advantage of the free entry by using the DraftKings Promo Code upon entering through our link located above? It’s simple our team wants to ensure that you get the max enjoyment that come with playing. One simple way to ensure that you get all the bang for your buck is when you take full credit for your initial deposit. You want to absolutely get the max DraftKings deposit bonus on that initial investment. This will ensure that you can play that initial bankroll as long as possible. Keep in mind to use our team as one of your primary resources for advice, updates, and news about your favorite sports stars.

If you have done your 2016 research and have created those winning strategies then jump on board.  As always if you are a relatively newbie or have been out of it since last season, we advise you take it slow.  It’s a long season and you definitely want to get your feet wet and get a couple of wins under your belt before going for broke.  Just have fun, get involved and compete.  The experience is really what takes it to the next level.



There are lots of reasons why you should play to win on DraftKings over the competition.  Don’t get us wrong we encourage folks to play on FanDuel as well taking advantage of our promo codes for them.  However when you discuss whether to play FanDuel or DraftKings there are many reasons to get started with DraftKings.   Here are some of the reasons we feel so strongly with encouraging you to play DraftKings.

  • Crazy Promo Codes and Winnings! Awesome DraftKings Promo Code offers that get you into events with unmatched prize money. The DraftKings team and leadership have made it a point to win the heart of DFS players who absolutely love competing in Fantasy sports.  They are constantly setting up and promoting their Millionaire-maker on DraftKings games in which huge prize numbers are given out to those who qualify.  Yes most of these games are reserved for players who put in their time and actually win an event or two in order to qualify.  With these types of incentives kicked off by hitting our link for that initial promo code reward that make players come work hard to win.  Sometimes luck can play an important role in winning however more often than not it’s the hard work done up to the event honing that strategy and who to play that takes you over the top and into contention.
  • Huge Membership! DraftKings without a doubt is one of the biggest if not the biggest daily fantasy sports sites out there. Their membership and participation levels are unmatched.  Unlike some of the competitors filling tournaments and contests is not a problem.  An important part of player experience is ensuring that the work and effort of placing lineups into events is for not.  Nothing can be more frustrating than doing the work to only have the tournament cancel for lack of participants.  DraftKings not only fills the events but has demand beyond that wanting to enter so you will find that to be refreshing.
  • Creativity in Contests! DraftKings are the innovators within the fantasy sporting world.  They simply look for sports to have events or contests with.  Take August for example no other sport site has preseason tournaments.  They have contests in every sport from Nascar to MMA to MLB to College and NFL.  If they can create a fantasy sport out of it for their loyal base of players they will.  Additionally they are the most creative Fantasy Sport Site with respect to game rules and Flexibility of players.  Prime example is how they eliminate the Kicker for a flex player for football events. Kickers typically in most fantasy leagues provide little to no true value to Fantasy teams.  Most leagues have made concessions for this and try to create ways that their value is amplified but fact is having a flex player of your choosing adds so much more to your line-up.  Particularly when you are working with a tight salary cap.  You truly get the feeling of what your favorite teams General Manager goes through trying to field a winning team under a set cap.
  • DraftKings makes it interactive! Most important factor is DraftKings themselves. They offer next level customer support, they pride themselves with being the best in the business.  They have perfected their website through time and trial.  There websites is top notch and extremely easy and interactive for players to work in.  The DraftKings team understands the importance in ensuring that they have the very best website capable of handling millions of users so they have gone the extra mile within its development.  Lastly they own a very interactive user friendly App that is not only intuitive for ease to use but made to provide all the specific up to date details that players demand.  You can do it all from the app or like most of us simply track your player and team performance.   DraftKings has thought of it all for players.

For these and many other reasons we hope that you take the plunge, use our portal/link and join in on the fun at DraftKings.  You won’t be disappointed with the overall experience.



There are many people out there asking the same question is DraftKings Legal?  Is DraftKings Legit?  Our Empty The Bench team answers that with a profound YES!  There seems to be a bit of confusion around whether DraftKings and Daily Fantasy Sporting events like Fantasy Football or Basketball are considered Gambling.  In fact if you ask the experts at DraftKings they would tell you that the answer is not.  They argue that it is simply a knowledge based entertainment format that is played with some incentive.  In Fact DFS is currently legal in 39 states and that number is growing as Individual States reach agreements with State Legislation.

You may of heard about New York making it illegal, well that was essentially a powerplay by the State’s Treasury and Attorney General to rectify what they believe to have been an injustice.  They wanted their fair share, why wouldn’t they after all it is America land of taxation.  In Fact, they settled quite quickly by putting in place regulations so that they could get their cut.  Other states are following suit, New York has set precedence and now everyone wants in on the action.  You may be thinking well they should that’s really doesn’t impact me.  Really??  Sometimes I am amazed at just how naïve we can really be.  Do you think that taxes on Gas, Cigarettes, Alcohol, food and everything that gets taxed by the Government doesn’t roll right on down to us?  It does and in fact it will factor in at DraftKings as well, they will need to tighten their belts and pass that taxation along to the users.  How you may ask well pots will be lowered.  Don’t worry they still will be doing their thing when it comes to Millionaire-maker contests and prize money on other events.   But trust me DraftKings has to stay in business in order for us to have fun playing the games.

So the answer is Yes, in fact the Government doesn’t want to close DFS sites like DraftKings or FanDuel down, they want them up and running.  It is big money and the more the Fantasy sites make the more the States will profit.    It’s the Governments touch of socialism in our Capitalistic culture.




So you are asking what are the top DraftKings promotions for August?  Well DraftKings never disappoints so get ready for it.  As normal DraftKings has launched their Fantasy Football Preseason fantasy tournaments.  In fact when you get on the site you will see just how crowded it is this month.  But hey that’s great news for the avid player who flat out loves to compete.
In addition to NFL getting kicked off with their preseason game, by the way did we mention they are the only DFS site that offers this?  DraftKings is busy with their summer classic cluster of events and games for America’s favorite sport MLB.  It’s been more than Baseball, Hot Dogs, and Apple Pie for them.  They have tourneys covering every level of daily Fantasy Baseball it’s not uncommon to see total prize money amounts in excess of $1 million dollars every day.   No Doubt Fantasy Football is King but Fantasy Baseball continues to be more and more popular every day as players discover it.

They also are running all sorts of Olympic contests that you need to check out.  They have Basketball contests going on right now and will be having a special Olympic Golf Contest that will be worth over $1 Million in prize money.  Don’t miss out on getting involved in the Olympics let DraftKings be your tour guide.

Mark this date on your calendar, August 27th DraftKings is offering a $4 Million Final that will require pre-qualifying in order to get entry.  Check out the DraftKings website for details and events that can lead to entry into the big payday.  If you beat the odd and win a qualifying tournament you are guaranteed a minimum Final tournament payday of $5K with a chance to take home the grand prize of 1 million Buckaroo’s. Get started now because you need to get in as many of those qualifying events as possible so you get in.  Don’t wait until the last minute expecting to get it, chances are that won’t happen.  Use our link above to maximize that initial deposit from DraftKings.


Why are we not seeing the promised bonus in our account?

Well it’s pretty much industry standard to refer to the deposit bonus as a pending bonus. DraftKings provides the bonus buck in a gradual manner, when you place a bet funds are released into your account. They do this for a couple of reasons, number one scammers jumping in to just get the bonus and jumping out without playing. It protects everyone that plays in events. Abuse of the deposit bonus system would devastate DraftKings financially. They also do this to protect new players from losing it all before they get their feet under them. It cushions any loses newer players may incur from just not knowing how the games work. DraftKings helps manage that by gradually dispersing into your account.

Our team recommends that you get started out playing the contests that provide the best odds of winning initially until you understand exactly how things work out.

Shouldn’t I get a free entry into a tournament?

Yes, we always tell our player community to ensure you have the latest promo code and if you have questions on receiving it simply ask us. We are happy you asked, this month DraftKings has made an offer to give you free access into a $3 event. Once you have registered and made you initial deposit, access your account and click on the tickets tag. You will find your free entry into a $3 contest which can be used on any $3 tournament of your choosing. Remember to check the odds of winning. You could use the free entry to get into a $100K tourney but you odds of winning will be much tougher. Now that you know how to redeem, get in there and play.

Is DraftKings Legit? Is DraftKings legal?

If you missed it above yes it DraftKings is legal and legit. There are 39 of 50 states where you can legally play. And Yes New York is one of the legal states. It came down to the system not being regulated and the states not getting their fair share of the intake. Check out our viewpoint above to get the full details and our feeling on the subject. If you question your State’s status check it out on DraftKings for full list of legal states.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

Excellent point on that question. We take it for granted that most people understand this aspect of playing when in fact most don’t. The fact that you mention winnings that would be accurate. You can’t withdraw the deposit bonus that was given to you from DraftKings however you can access and withdraw your winnings from that deposit bonus. As with most DFS sites you can have a check cut which can take time as it is mailed out or you can utilize PayPal to get immediate access to your cash. The money in your account is yours and is immediately available to you for either play or to use as you see fit.




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