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How much do you really know about winning at Fantasy Football.  Do you like following your players as they compete each week against your friends team?  For most recliner football team owners who go through and construct their team in August and try to wheel and deal with often reluctant co-owners the draft is the greatest part of the Fantasy Season.

Honestly I played for years in all sorts of leagues with fellow workers, friends, and family and one of the biggest things that set me apart from other teams was my activity from week to week with drops and adds.  I often paid more money in the league for transactions made but rarely found myself at the end of the season out of the winning money.  I credit that to my willingness to make necessary changes and play the matchups from week to week.

One of the best leagues I ever played in was a winner take all auction/salary cap type league that had 12 participants.  Every year I would get so hyped up for the annual draft where we would compete to get the best players at the best price.  Some guys would fill there roster fast with a couple of big names and overspend on others.  Some guys would wait until the end and land a ton of players to place on their roster at bargain prices but failed to get those top tier players that are needed to win it all.  I personally developed a point system based on dollar value and tried to purchase players under that set value to prevent myself from overpaying for players and identifying when a great deal was on the table.  This lead me to great success once I had this developed.

Then came along the age of technology and fantasy sports in which stats and analysis were made readily available from multiple sources throughout the year leveling the playing field for those that didn’t want to make the effort to do the research.

2016 NFL Player Ranking


Daily Fantasy Sports has redefined how Fantasy Football is being played by eliminating the need to create a season long commitment to a roster that you know can’t compete against the competition.  You now can experience the drafting experience weekly working to perfect and come out on top with each submitted line-up.   We like it because it is in our wheelhouse of being an active General Manager.  We get to evaluate the talent, look at match-ups and adjust on a weekly basis to put together the best possible team each and every week.   Lets think about it who would of projected that Drew Brees and Willie Snead would be off to such a fast and furious pace starting out this season?  Or that our number one Running Back Adrian Peterson would be knocked out for the next 3 to 4 months.   This would be a killer to your team if that were to happen in your season long roster.  Finding a replacement at this point would be nearly impossible.  Not a problem with Daily Fantasy Sports as you roster can change from day to day with whatever contest you enter.

So how confident are you with playing daily fantasy football?  Let our team at Empty the Bench be your guide.


Before we get started lets first answer a couple of questions that and give a couple of testimonials as to the fun you will have playing Daily Fantasy Sports on either of the Big Guy sites, FanDuel or DraftKings both outstanding sporting venues.  Check out our complete FanDuel Review and DraftKings Review if you have any questions about the how we rank them.

The most frequent question we receive is “Are any winnings I receive made immediately available?”.   Our answer to this question is yes.  They are available immediately to you to withdrawal at any point.  If you use paypal the winnings can be transferred immediately.  If you don’t a check will be mailed out the next available business day.   FanDuel and DraftKings has millions of players each month making them the leaders in the industry.  Certainly if they had a bad reputation for holding your winnings or some sort of scheme on not making payout would of surfaced and would be well known by everyone in the industry.  Fact is both companies are the leaders in the multi-million dollar business that continues to grow each and every year.  These companies are legit businesses employing vast amounts of workers who are there to support your needs.  These are not fly by night businesses that trick you out of your money they are in it for the long haul and are committed to bringing the sport to everyone interested in participating.

The other question we frequently get is “Is it legal to play daily fantasy sports?”.  Again another yes answer here however we suggest that you verify that first on line.  There are a number of resources out there on the net that you can verify the legality of your state but at last count there were over 40 states that have legalized it.  Ultimately it came down to regulations and taxation driven motives that created the huge scandal in some states.  The Government wanted their piece of the pie but it is totally legal to participate in contests and have fun playing Daily Fantasy sports.  We have a couple of articles discussing this in more detail.. Check around on our site and leave some great comments on our articles.


Guys lets be real you have to put in some effort in fact if you really value your hard earned cash you will do whatever is necessary to build that cash by doing some research.  Here are some tips we will provide you with.   Check out some of our posts, articles on rankings, predictions and projections to get you started.  I like to use ESPN Go and the NFL Network to grab some team stat’s, player stat’s and look at the weekly match-ups.  We also look at what the bookies are saying, such as Vegas over/under odds for game stats, scores.  They are trained experts at the art of calling games and winning so they should be a source that you will want to look at.   We also encourage you to look at other industry leaders for unique comment and articles that only build on your growing player and team knowledge such as our friends at Fantasy Football Freaks or The Daily Audible a couple of great resource to combine with our Empty the Bench team.

We recommend you build yourself a cheat sheet and rank the your players each week based on the match ups and what you anticipate each players level for the week to perform at.  Once you have them ranked you will need to get into the Roster build portion of your play.

2016 NFL Player Ranking


Now that we have created our rankings based on some sound research you can start begin the process of building your first roster but before doing that you will want to decide which games to enter.  The next section will provide a deeper look at how to enter and which games you should participate in to get the most out of your invested fun.  First lets discuss how you build that winning roster.

We have had a fair amount of success on both FanDuel and DraftKings playing daily fantasy football and here are some of the methods we use.   Of course all the research and effort still required a bit of luck, require the stars to align to win some of the bigger tournaments.  However you have a solid list based on stats, projections, and some early predictions that will be your foundation towards playing, having fun and success.  Once you get into FanDuel and DraftKings you will find a wide array of games or contests that you can participate in.  You will have a Salary Cap to work with and stay under and you can literally go out and spend it however you want on whatever players you want.  The idea is to completely fill out your roster however you could choose to spend it all on a couple of players but we wouldn’t suggest that.  Your success at this point is on how well you execute being the General Manager of your team.

Our recommendation is that you try to find a nice balance of purchasing players that you view as bargain players.  We will usually have a couple of studs that we just couldn’t pass up on due to the week’s match-up and huge expectations then we surround those key players with some solid players at reasonable pricing and mix in a few sleeper picks that based on your predictions and rankings you feel will put your team over the top.  We don’t suggest you always use the same team if you play multiple games mix it up a little keep your core team the same but mix it up and go with your gut feel and commit to your winning team.   Again the ideal situation is to have 2 or 3 higher waged studs followed up with balance being bargain performers with one or two sleepers that could be your difference makers.   Do your research to set yourself up for success.  Once you have your research format down its just a matter of updating it week to week.


A lot of the decision making should be around your level of experience with playing daily fantasy sports.   If you are a seasoned pro as we would call you if you have a few seasons under your belt you will have developed a technique or have a general understanding of which contests to participate with.  For intermediate to beginners we suggest you gain some winning experience by using a safer method.  Sure you could jump into a million dollar contest where the odds are low and honestly we do that but we also play some very winnable contests like the daily 50/50’s or the head to head match-ups where your odds of victory are about 50%..   Most tourney odds of victory are 10% but typically the payouts are so much better that it does make some sense to at least try right.

Our suggestion to you is to play in a couple of 50/50 or head to head matches to increase your odds of victory then throw in a tourney to try to increase your winnings.   This way even if you don’t win in the tourney where the odds are so bad that you still will come out on top with your 50/50 or head to head victories.  You will win if you put in your time and get your research and your strategy locked in.

You should now have a fairly strong understanding on how to play and succeed with Daily Fantasy Sports.   This understanding will work in any of the sports you decide to use.  It just happens to be the biggest season of them all Fantasy Football.  So get started today sign up for FanDuel or DraftKings or both.  We play in both and love every minute of it.  It is one of the greatest things of all time for a true sports enthusiast like our team.    Check our out Fanduel Promo Offer Page as well as our DraftKings Promo Code Page for more information.

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