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NFL Week 2 Game Predictions

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What’s Up Empty the Benchers!   We thought we would give this a try and just make our bold predictions for Week 2.  Please feel free to comment and participate along with us.  If you want to just list out your predictions or even comment on your favorite team, as Nike would say “Just Do It”.   We will share our matchup and picks for the week with a little reasoning behind our prediction.  We definitely are human and this is not a computer generated pick list so don’t use it for any FanDuel or DraftKings decision making that you may have but it should be used for entertainment reasons only.   Our team here at Empty the Bench are just out to provide unique content that is fun and entertaining to read.

If you ever want to get into writing articles about your favorite sports time activities drop us a note and share some content with us and if it is clean and fun we will get it posted to share with all our loyal followers.   With that being said lets fire up the old computer (the brain) and get this thing started.


Here are our Week 2 NFL Predictions.

NY Jets 37 vs. Buffalo Bills 31

With the Jets knocking off the Bills giving the Bills there second loss in a row you have to wonder if Rex is feeling the heat.  I love his loyalty and love for family so we can’t really criticize him for bringing in his bro, but it may be part of the reason he is out of a job if he doesn’t turn it around very quickly.  Biggest mistake he ever made letting Swartz go.  It’s going to bite him in the arss.   One thing is for sure he doesn’t make it happen here he won’t be head coaching for a while.  Look for him to sit next to McMillen in the booth or on the set of some morning preview show.

Let’s get started with our week 2 NFL Predictions on the 1 pm Sunday games.  Home team will be the second team.

Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

Let’s just say ugly.  Worst case scenario happened last week for the Browns.  RG3 down and out, lets call this a rebuilding year, they will continue to lead the pack for the number 1 overall pick.  Ravens will blow out the Browns.  Ravens Defensive will eat shut them down and the offense will be steady in putting up points.  Does 31-3 sound too low.. it could be even more.   pick Ravens (BIG)

San Francisco 49ers vs Carolina Panthers

The 49ers came out last week with a strong performance on the defensive side of the ball to help them win their opener.  The Panthers started out against the Super Bowl Champ’s in Denver and fell just short of a win.  Carolina will bounce back today with a win at Home.   Should be a fun game to watch but in the end Panthers will come out on top, 24-17.   pick Panthers (tough battle)

Tennessee Titans vs Detroit Lions

Titan’s took it on the chin in Week 1 but played a solid game.  They are young and developing but we like the Lions this week.  The Lions Defense looked a bit rusty however the offense was just the opposite.  They rolled and showed off multiple weapons.  Across the line they have weapons galore, and if that offensive line continues to improve they will be a surprise team for 2016.  Wow what Matt Stafford did in the last 37 seconds to help lead them into Praters range to win it was simply amazing.  We are drinking the juice after one week and feel we will be drinking even more this week, lion win it 34-20.  pick Lions (are they for real?)

Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots

Dolphins played a tough defensive battle last week and fell short.  They play tough again this week but the Pat’s at home will come out with the Victory.   Will the fan’s start wondering about Brady’s future?   There will always be that speculation but Brady is on a different level.   Patriots win, 27-13.  pick Patriots 

Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans

What a great comeback by the Chiefs and Smith.  We completely wrote them off and didn’t watch it and feel like we got ripped off. I think the Texans defense is at a whole different level and they will be our pick for the week.  The offense is solid, learning and building chemistry.   Houstin wins this one 17-10 in a tough defensive battle.  pick Texans 

Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburg Steelers

Should be a shootout with two power offenses going at it.  We have the steelers coming out on top 28-20.  Dalton and Green will hook up but the Steelers Offense is balanced with both the run and pass and will control the clock.  pick Steelers (on the ground)

New Orleans Saints vs the New York Giants

The Saints struggled on Defense last week but the offense led by Brees overcame and put up a big win.  They will face a much better defense and be on the road this week.  This could be a high scoring game provided weather doesn’t become a factor.   We like the Saints in this one, coming away with a win 40-33.  pick Saints (OK Corral)

Dallas Cowbows vs Washington Redskins

This matchup looks to be a barn burner  with both teams losing in week 1.  We see the Redskins bouncing back this week at home.  Both teams struggled a bit with scoring last week and think the Cowboys will continue to struggle until Dak finds his groove with his receiving core.   Cousins and the Redskins win this one 24-10, pick Redskins

That’s it for the early games lets look at the 4 pm matchups for this week 2 NFL game Predictions.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals Defense was absolutely the bust defense in week one.  They couldn’t stop the run, pass or 3rd down conversion as a result they lost.  They will turn it around at home this week 27-24 with a late game field goal.  They will present some big problems for the Buc’s however we do like Doug Martin in this one.  Can Jameis maintain his composure and make the big plays?  pick Cardinals (by a FG)

Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams

This one is simple we don’t like Keenum and love Wilson.  We love Seattles defense as well and expect them to make a statement this week in L.A.  Expect the Hawks to roll 35-10 in this one.  Lock it in Empty the Benchers, lock it in. pick Seahawks (“D” dominates)

Atlanta Falcons vs Oakland Raiders

This one should be a great game to watch the offenses on both teams have been solid.  Really this is flip of the coin, we are going to go with the Raiders at home.  We don’t like what the Raiders did on the Defensive side of the ball last week but the offense is loaded with studs and production both running and passing the ball.  We have them going to 2-0 with a victory of 30-24 at home against the Falcons.  pick Raiders (at home)

Indianapolis Colts vs Denver Broncos

We love Andrew Luck and his offensive line played fairly well last week but the Bronco’s Defense is just a little too tough for them.  Expect the line to get beat and Luck to take some hits this week with the Colts starting out at 0-2 record.  Denver is steady and wins this one 20-10.  pick Broncos

Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Diego Chargers

The Jaquars defense is the difference maker in this game we think they win the turnover game and help the team to their first win against the Chargers.  The  Chargers will play tough at home but lose this one in a close battle at the end of the game due to an untimely turnover.  Jag’s win this one 31-27.  pick Jaguars (turnovers a factor)

The Sunday Night Showdown

Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings knock off the Packers in Week 2 with a tough home win.  Both teams played well in Week 1 coming out with victories and the NFC North looks to be tough and this is a early match up that should favor Green Bay with Bridgewater going down but the Vikes will be playing in their new stadium and we expect Peterson to bounce back with a huge game while Shaun Hill finds his stride with his receiving core leading the Vikings to a 27-21 victory.  pick Vikings 

Are your ready for some Football??  Monday Night Football!!!!!  Heck Yeah we are!!!!!

Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears 

Swartz has got the Defense clicking early in the season and Wentz looks like a future HOF’er early in his career.  The Eagles come into Soldier Field and kill the hype of the game with a dominating performance.  Cutler loses it again in a 31-17.   Tough home loss for da Bears. pick Eagles

Well there you have it our picks for the week.  Hope you have enjoyed it and please feel free to respond or send in your picks.  Have fun, it’s only a game.   Check out some of our other articles and pages on our site we love having you here and weighing in on our site.


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