2010 NBA Central Division Previews

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The 2010-11 NBA season kind of snuck up on you, eh? Well, the World Series sounds drab and the TV Commercial Extravaganza known as NFL broadcasts are already wearing thin on your nerves, so the timing couldn’t be better for the return of the greatest game on earth.

To get you acclimated and appraised of what to expect, every year for the past few years the good people over at Celtics Blog bring together the Web’s best NBA bloggers and writers to break down the NBA, team by team, division by division. Yours truly have traditionally previewed the Detroit Pistons and Minnesota Timberwolves–two teams surely destined for great things this season–but we sat this one out. Lamed out. Dropped the ball. Whatever.

Fortunately, our peers have rose to the occasion. To kick off this year’s NBA Preview Extravaganza, we start with the East’s Central Division, where the former kings (Cavaliers, and before them Pistons) are staring down a unpredictable rebuilding year, the Bucks try to build on the positive momentum from last season, the Bulls look to seize the day and win the crown, and the Pacers hope to sign more white guys to the roster.

Bucks: Brew Hoop | NBAMate | SBNation Recap

Bulls: Blog-A-Bull | SBNation Recap

Cavs: Fear The Sword | WaitingForNextYear

Pacers: Indy Cornrows

Pistons: DetroitBadBoys | Detroit Basketball | | SB Nation Detroit

Recaps: All Previews

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