2010 NBA Atlantic Division Previews

Atlantic Division

The 2010 NBA Preview Extravaganza continues with a look at the East’s Atlantic Division.

There’s something in the air here in New York City, and it’s not the foul stench of Eddy Curry’s $11.2 million paycheck (though that does stink). No, it’s something different, something I haven’t felt since I moved here almost 9 years ago: optimism. And why not? Though they struck out on LeBron (maybe for the better), all those seasons of tanking and clearing salary-cap space did land them Amare Stoudemire, who may not bring home a title but will definitely breathe some much-needed life into Madison Square Garden. David Lee, now in Golden State, might be the more fundamentally sound player, but Stoudemire is the marquee box-office attraction this franchise has been waiting for.

Honestly, though, we’re just as excited about the arrival of Anthony Randolph, who’s still just 21 years old and could eventually eclipse Stoudemire’s wow factor. He may still need more seasoning, but we’ve been high on this kid since he joined the league in ’08 as the 14th-overall pick by the Warriors, and can’t wait to see him on a nightly basis. That’s assuming, of course, that he isn’t involved in a deal that nets the Knicks Carmelo Anthony, a long-rumored showstopper that’s apparently still being discussed. Either way, for once we finally won’t only be interested in seeing the visiting team when we head to the Garden.

Oh, yeah, there’s also the Nets, 76ers, Raptors (who were somehow omitted from the above graphic, unlikely by mistake), and Celtics to discuss. Woo. Hoo.

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