Reading is Great! NBA Trade Rumors, News, and Birdmen Pitching Mattresses

Reading NBA Blogs is fun!

Daily Thunder – The midseason report card on your OKC Thunder is in.
Full-Court Press – Meanwhile, cast your votes for the Pistons’ midseason grades. (Ugh.)
Celtics Hub – The Celtics have expressed their fondness for Nate Robinson.
A Stern Warning – All about big, tall men who drain deep, long balls.
Clipper Blog – LeBron James as a Clipper? Hey, you never know (and it’s okay to dream).
It’s Just Sports – Knicks GF Wilson Chandler reminisces about his high-school days.
NBA FanHouse – Andrei Kirilenko, happy—and wealthy—in Salt Lake City.
Ball Don’t Lie – Meet the Orlando Magic, the NBA’s most underwhelming good team.
Hornets 24/7 – A case for Emeka Okafor, not Chris Paul, as the Hornets’ most vital player.
Basketbawful – Greg Oden, songbird, takes on the Backstreet Boys.
BleacherCreatureRotoTalk – Talking fantasy hoops and rotisserie strategy.
The Sports Hernia – Recent studies confirm that the New Jersey Nets suck.
Truth About It – Antawn Jamison has no patience for apathetic teammates.
StacheketballWe’re big fans of local NBA ads; great one starring the Birdman below.

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