Reading is Great! Today’s NBA News, Trade Rumors, and Scottie Pippen vs. Little People


Yahoo! Sports – The NBA can partially blame itself for the Gilbert Arenas debacle.
Washington Post – Gilbert once shat in Andray Blatche’s shoes without reprieve.
Full-Court Press – With the Pistons’ losing streak at 12, it’s time to shake things up.
D-League Digest – Checking in with the head of the NBA D-League class.
Hoops Addict – Deron Williams and Chris Paul’s rivalry has been put on hold. – Part 2 of what it’s like sitting courtside at a Lakers game; Part 1 is here.
Clips Nation – Should the NBA ditch the “eight teams per conference” playoff bracket?
Lester’s Legends – Roundtable discussion of the last decade’s best fantasy hoops player.
iTunes – Who Shot Mamba? comes to the iPhone as a free app.
NY Post – Peter Vecsey says the Lakers want to trade Andrew Bynum for Chris Bosh.
The Dream Shake – The Rockets might mortgage half their roster to get Bosh.
Daily Thunder – Oklahoma City as a NBA abyss? Kevin Durant, for one, disagrees.
Raptor Blog – Might the Toronto Raptors actually be (gulp) a good team?
Detroit Bad Boys – Why the salary-dump approach to rebuilding doesn’t really work.
Ball Don’t Lie – Scottie Pippen regrets working with little people; video below.

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