Reading is Great! Week 3 NFL Updates, Accusations, and Cage Dancer Sightings

NFL Reading

Shutdown Corner – Jerry Jones is proud to introduce “America’s Cage Dancers.”
Providence Journal – Randy Moss isn’t impressed by Darrelle Revis, but we are.
Rumors and Rants – Brady Quinn’s job might be in jeopardy (as well it should be).
Bleacher Report – Behind Matt Forte’s early-season struggles in Chicago.
The Pigskin Doctors – The top 10 non-kicking special teamers of all time.
Undrafteds – We agree: it’s time to officially change his nickname to “Mangidiot.”
Deadspin – She’s not drunk, just mad that she bought that Roy Williams jersey.
It’s Just Sports – Mario Manningham has the talent to be an elite wide receiver. – Why Chargers HC Norv Turner isn’t necessarily a knucklehead. – Larry Fitzgerald’s brother knows how to use Twitter.
D.C. Sports Bog – And, unfortunately, so does Redskins linebacker Robert Henson.
Buc ‘Em – Blame the Bucs’ loss in Buffalo on an incomplete effort, from top to bottom.
The Big Lead– The Tennessee Titans are 0-2; is it time to panic?
The 700 Level – Two Eagles fans, one Eagles quarterback, and a white man’s butt.
The Fifth Down – The view from New England following the Pats’ loss to the Jets.

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