Monday’s NBA Poll: What’s Your Favorite Quote from Stephon Marbury’s Live Stream?

Stephon Marbury, the $21 million man

Stephon Marbury Photo Credit: Icon SMI

I was skeptical about the Stephon Marbury 24-hour live stream. I didn’t think he had it in him to stay entertaining for more than a few minutes. I was wrong. I first tuned in around 10 AM and Mr. Marbury was shaving his head. Meticulously. This went on for about four minutes before I tuned out, admittedly a bit letdown. Fortunately I tuned back in about an hour later – the man was on a roll. I stuck around until I left the office. I was glued to the broadcast. As Brian said, “My only regret is that I didn’t see more.” It was one head-scratcher after another, golden nuggets of insanity and, to his credit, hilarity. It was also non-stop. Marbury kept up a break-neck pace of running commentary and sheer nonsense the entire time I was tuned in. It was addictive. When my audio briefly cut out I suddenly felt lonely in my quiet office.

What really struck me (other than that we both listen to the same Sade songs) was that I didn’t get one whiff of artifice. Whether he was talking as Stephon or as Starbury, it was all genuine from where I was sitting. In fact, he came across like a giddy child, somebody not capable of erecting a coherent ruse and maintaining it on camera. It was a real, vivid snapshot of one of the most bizarre, fascinating and almost painfully simplistic and childish personalities the NBA has seen over the last 15 years. 24 hours in his skull. What a trip. I tweeted at the time that they could save a recording of Marbury’s stream and make it an installation at the MoMA.

It was surreal. Maybe even hyperreal.

But I digress, on to the Monday poll. What was your favorite quote from the Starbury oracular spectacular? I’ve put some of mine as options in the poll below, but readers are strongly encouraged to enter their own favorites in the comments section – what did I miss out on?


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