Now Dr. J Can Play in Your Home… Forever!

Use the special house call session to work out with Dr. J*! And you can cool down with a bonus music video! And unlike everybody else, he’ll stay with you forever!

Order now!

It’s an exciting prospect, I know, but I wouldn’t suggest sending $19.98 plus $3.00 S&H to ole’ Building 73 in Hanover, PA just yet. I called the 800 number from my office and it appears the shipping center is defunct – I was invited to, “jump into fun, exciting live talk,” at which point I got nervous and promptly hung up.

*Julius Winfield Erving II will not actually make a “house call” to your home.

I was able to track down a full review of the video cassette (apparently it actually has a lot of good highlight clips) as well as some insider advice on how to track down a copy of your own…

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