Reading is Great! Monday Morning’s NBA News, Rumors, and Weekend Updates

Reading absolutely rules

Bright Side of the Sun – Another week of the Blogger Power Rankings are up for debate.
MLive – Antonio McDyess is set to rejoin the Detroit Pistons on December 3.
Canis Hoopus – Speaking of Detroit, that buyout plan didn’t work out as advertised.
Knickerblogger – The split personalities of Stephon Marbury, a real American hero.
Hoops Addict – Chris Bosh has been killing it–his Raptor teammates, not so much.
Blaze of Love – A list of some pretty ugly, often poorly-tattooed NBA players.
HoopsHype – The Dallas Mavericks are going nowhere and might be out of moves, too.
Mr. Irrelevant – So, who’s buying one of those sharp Chicago Zephyrs throwback jerseys?
JBomb – Attn Charlotte Bobcats: a dummy’s guide to playing offensive basketball.
The Dreamshake – Yao Ming > Dwight Howard, according to this Houston Rockets writer.
ESPN – Charles Barkley and Dick Vitale headline this year’s list of Basketball HoF inductees.
Sports Illustrated – An early look at the star-studded NBA free agent class of 2010.
Fast Break – Don Nelson’s isolation-oriented offense: a good thing or a bad thing?
Basketball Prospectus – Judge Scott Brooks by Kevin Durant’s development.
Behind the Blazers Beat – Shaq being Shaq (read: total asshole).


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