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ETB’s 2008-09 Fantasy Basketball Rankings Bazaar, Vol. 1, Issue 5 – Hoopsters 81-100

Greg Oden’s Game Face

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81 Al Thornton, LAC, F: This may be a reach in most drafts, but Thornton is one of the elite breakout candidates in the NBA this season. The guy is going to be a beast, and he’ll be given every opportunity to produce on an offensively challenged Clippers team. He started coming alive after the All Star break last season to the tune of 16 points and 6 boards with nearly a three, block and steal per game. Expect something in the neighborhood of 19 points, 7 boards and 3 assists with contributions in steals, blocks and threes.

82 O.J. Mayo, Mem, G: Everybody in Memphis is impressed with the kid, and why not? He just oozes “star.” On a rebuilding team Mayo should be given heavy minutes and be a focal point of the offense. The FG% may not be ideal and there will be some turnovers, but he’ll produce across the board. Just look at Monday’s box score: 26 points, 6 three-pointers, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, and 5 steals in 30 minutes.

83 Marvin Williams, Atl, G/F: If Marvin Williams is ever going to break out and earn that second-overall pick, this is the season. He’s 22 years old and will be given plenty of tick with Childress out of the picture. The baseline here is 17 points, 7 boards and 1 steal per game with room to be much better.

84 Brad Miller, Sac, C: 2007-08 was a nice comeback year for Miller, formerly an elite fantasy center because of his shooting skills and passing ability. Last season he returned to his 1-block, 1-steal form and grabbed nearly 10 boards a game. Add in nearly 4 assists a game and you have a center with a rare combination of tools.

85 Beno Udrih, Sac, PG: Beno was a bit of a revelation last year filling in for the injured Mike Bibby. As a starter he put up over 14 points a game with 5 assists, 1 steal and 1 three on stellar shooting: 47.5% FGs and 86.1% FTs. There’s no reason Udrih can’t keep that up for a full season.

86 Greg Oden, Por, C: Oden is likely to be drafted a little early in all draft just because he’s a name brand. Don’t bite, because this season his contributions in real basketball will outpace his fantasy relevancy. The defensive numbers will be there, but the scoring will be modest. Something like 11 points, 8 boards and 2 blocks sounds about right.

87 Richard Jefferson, NJ, SF: Jefferson has turned into a solid scorer with average assists and not much of anything else. He can get to the line, but the FT% isn’t stellar. Peanut should be the main man for Milwaukee on offense though.

88 Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Cle, C: Every year it pains me to draft Big Z, but every year he continues to produce a valuable fantasy line. He just looks like he could fall apart on any given night, but the health has been there for about six years now. You know what to expect: Good shooting percentages and decent points and rebounds with some blocks sprinkled in.

89 John Salmons, Sac, G/F: We’re quite high on Salmons this season, he should get plenty of run with Ron Artest out of the picture and he always seems to produce. As a starter last season: 17.5 points, 5.4 boards, 3.5 assists, 1.6 steals and nearly 1 three on 50% FGs and 81% FTs.

90 Ben Gordon, Chi, SG: It’s hard to figure Gordon, who looks like an elite scorer for stretches and then falls into a K hole and becomes worthless for weeks at a time. This season he’s playing for a contract, so you better believe he’ll come out firing. The scoring will be there, but what else does he do?

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91 Jamal Crawford, NY, G: Jamal is a bit of a gamble, but on paper he looks like a good fit for D’Antoni’s offense. You’ll have to live with the terrible FG%, but the points, assists and threes can be elite.

92 Al Harrington, GS, PF/C: Harrington himself seems to be confused by his own game. Does he like to bang? Does he like to run? Does he like to camp out behind the arc? This season he’s supposedly dedicated to playing inside, so perhaps we’ll see a return to his ATL days of 18 points and 7 boards.

93 Zach Randolph, NY, PF/C?: I really don’t want to touch this clown, but the fact is it’s not hard to imagine him averaging 20 points and 10 boards a game under D’Antoni. Zach has a good mid-range game and that should play well. He’s also slated to start at center some nights, which would be a major boon to his fantasy value.

94 Derrick Rose, Chi, PG: There are too many cooks in the kitchen in Chicago, but you have to think Vinny Del Negro will feel pressure to play the prized pick. Rose also has the talent to earn minutes on his own, but I wouldn’t even hazard a guess at what his line will look like.

95 Troy Murphy, Ind, PF/C: Murphy’s value comes from being a center who can both rebound and hit the three, but don’t ignore the fact that he takes care of the basketball (1.3 turnovers), hits his free-throws (79%) and drops a couple dimes (2.2 assists).

96 Nene, Den, PF/C: If he can stay healthy Nene is one of the better sleeper centers out there. Camby is gone and Nene should log heavy minutes in an up-tempo offense. I wouldn’t be shocked to see something like 14 points, 8 boards with 1 steal and 1 block on 50% FGs.

97 Mike Bibby, Atl, PG: Bibby wasn’t happy in Sacramento and his numbers showed it. He looked rejuvenated in Atlanta playing with all the exciting young talent down there, and this season he’ll actually know the playbook and have some familiarity with his running mates.

98 Thaddeus Young, F, Phi: We love Thad here at ETB. The kid is just so long, lean, athletic and efficient. He plays extremely well without the ball, loves cleaning up scraps, gets his lanky arms in the passing lanes and finishes well. It should amount to a clean fantasy line of 12-15 points, 6-7 boards and 1.5 steals with hardly any turnovers and FGs over 50%.

99 Rajon Rondo, Bos, PG: Another ETB favorite, Rondo has an undervalued roto game. Rare is the point guard who can shoot around 50% from the floor while averaging 6 assists and 2 steals with just 2 TOs a night. He’s also a great rebounder for his size, and the 22-year-old continues to improve.

100 Raymond Felton, G, Cha: You hate to put up with Felton’s sub-40% FGs and nearly 3 turnovers a night, but he’s probably the last player on the board with a shot at 8 assists a night and more than 1 three and 1 steal. There’s also a chance Larry Brown will finally be able to harness his talent and turn him around as he did with Chauncey Billups.

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