The 2008 NFL Offseason Police Blotters – Random Silliness Edition

Denver Broncos WR Brandon MarshallHumans do silly things. They get hit in the groin by errant baseballs, balance things on their noses, sometimes even fall flat on their butts!

Well, professional football players do all kinds of nutty things too. Like trying to board commercial flights with .32-caliber handguns in their carry-on luggage. Or putting bags over their child’s head to “see if they could get it off by themself.” Stuff like that. Oh, the games these gentle giants do enjoy playing…

For the next installment of our 2008 NFL Offseason Police Blotter series we give you “Random Silliness,” which culls together a few incidents that just didn’t seem to fit anywhere else.

Verron Hayes, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers – Was sued by a Monroeville, PA, car dealership for allegedly defaulting on payments for a 2001 Aston Martin. He’s said to be $60,000 in debt on the car, having paid only $7,500.

Darrion Scott, DL, Minnesota Vikings – Was arrested for “probable cause felony assault” in Eden Prarie. Scott will face two felony charges and one misdemeanor charge. The boy’s mother found Scott holding a dry cleaning bag over the child’s head on April 26.

Scott told police the two were playing a game with the bag, and Scott wanted to see if the boy could get the bag off his head by himself. He was also cited last December for misdemeanor marijuana possession and ticketed for failure to signal after being pulled over by officers in Charleston, W.Va. He was cited and released at the scene.

Willie Andrews, DB, New England Patriots – Was arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at his girlfriend’s head.

Marvin Harrison and Brandon Marshall in random silliness after the break…

Marvin Harrison, WR, Indianapolis Colts – Some kind of shooting shit that is still murky in the details. Harrison owns a tavern called “Playmakers” in Philadelphia. Some guy claims Harrison and a bar patron got into an altercation there. As the fight ensued, gunfire was exchanged outside with the victim reportedly shot in the hand. Harrison, who owns 25 guns, reportedly acknowledged owning the type of gun that was used in the shooting. Harrison has met with detectives multiple times, and after initially denying the gun was in the area, now admits it’s his gun, but says he wasn’t the shooter.

Brandon Jones, WR, Tennessee Titans – Was arrested at Nashville International Airport for carrying a .32 caliber gun in his baggage. He says he didn’t realize the registered gun was on him, and quickly apologized.

Brandon Marshall, WR, Denver Broncos – Was pulled over for an illegal lane change, then found to be without his license or proof of insurance.

– And then, finally, there was that other Brandon Marshall incident. Not a crime of any sorts, but you remember the one: he severed a vein, nerve, artery, and five muscle tendons. Marshall not only needed stitches, but surgery to suture the wounds. He was in a cast for two weeks and a splint four weeks after that. At first Marshall explained the injury away as an innocent slip on an errant McDonald’s bag; he later admitted that he was actually wrestling with family members.

Brandon Marshall Photo Credit: Icon SMI

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