ETB Welcomes You to the Wild and Crazy World of Ripmaster and His Sidekick Rip Girl

Comically blue sports coats lined with unopened packs of basketball cards. Grown men competing with pre-pubescent boys for Rookie Redemption and Refractor cards. Flashing lights and ringing bells and “one of the finest Rip Girls ever,” one who’s donning a pink jersey and giving said boys more of a rise than a Greg Oden rookie.

A bald dude hogging all of the f$^#in#!* premier cards!

Good God–someone please get ETB into the company of Ripmaster for the next “Topps Rip Party.” But first, somebody work with their sound guy on the sound levels. Christ.

Of course, we’re not above the occasional Topps Rip Party here at ETB. And we’re not afraid to nerd out in hardcore fashion from time to time either; to prove it, click on through to see our collective haul of “premium cards” from the past month or so. That’s right kids,we’ve actually taken the time to list ’em all out, so make sure your Beckett is handy to check out the values!

Highlights from ETB’s Own Personal Rip Parties

Hakim Warrick '57/'58 Variant Autograph

– Smush Parker ’57/’58 Variant Autograph
– David Lee ’57/’58 Variant Autograph
– Hakim Warrick ’57/’58 Variant Autograph
– Jared Dudley Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot Autograph
– Isiah Thomas Mini-Card Autograph (extremely rare)

– Steve Nash ’57/’58 Variant Relic
– Chauncey Billups ’57/’58 Variant Relic
– Rip Hamilton ’57/’58 Variant Relic
– Kirk Hinrich ’57/’58 Variant Relic
– Emeka Okafor Generation Now Relic
– Adam Morrison Generation Now Relic

– Smush Parker Cyan Printing Plate (1 of 1)
– Jermaine O’Neal Magenta Printing Plate (1 of 1)

– Randy Foye Copper Parallel (1 of 50)
– Chris Webber Copper Parallel (1 of 50)
– Al Thornton Rookie Copper Parallel (1 of 50)

We’ve also pulled a slew of sequentially numbered (1 – 2007) gold-bordered cards that are somewhat common and that we won’t list here. Frankly, we’re beyond such banalities. And, of course, we’ve probably put together three or four complete base sets of the 2007/08 Topps Basketball series… and we’ll be giving at least one away along with some other basketball card goodies soon. And, yes, by “basketball card goodies” we mean all of our extra commons (like 87 Luke Waltons and 128 Chris Webbers).

NBA Card-Collecting Madness Engulfs ETB
More Topps Rip Parties at Topps TV

(P.S. You just know Ripmaster totally bangs Rip Girl backstage.)

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