A Very Special Message from the LA Lakers

Yes, we’re all happy that the Los Angeles Lakers triumphed over the evil empire San Antonio Spurs last night. And today is a Friday, kicking off the first official weekend of the summer. I’m sure all you kids have big, big plans. You’re probably all going to “party.” You will undoubtedly get in some situations where crack cocaine is being smoked over the next couple of nights, and you will inevitably be offered some of that crack cocaine. I know, crack cocaine is extremely glamorous, and it’s going to be pretty tempting.

I know you’re saying, “Mr. Thell, why do you talk about crack cocaine several times a week, we’re sick of hearing about it.” And I know you kids don’t want to hear this from me again. That’s why I’ve asked a few of my close and personal friends to put together this video on the subject, perhaps you’ll be more inclined to listen to them. They’re the LA Lakers, and they’re here to say that drugs are killing every day. So just say no; just say no to drugs.

“Check” it out:

PS: Apparently Byron Scott likes the idea of being on top. Off topic, but fair enough.

Hat tip to The Basketball Jones


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