Reading is Great! Thursday’s NBA Rumors, Breaking News, and Blog Links

Rajon Rondo Makes Reading Fun!

ESPN – It’s a glorious day for everyone but Spurs fans: floppers to be fined.
Waiting for Next Year – So it’s good Anderson Varejao held out for that extension.
The Arena – Those fines are all well and good, but they won’t stop flops.
Mix Makers – Bidding the flop adieu with five of the best flops of the YouTube era.
CNN – Monkey-controlled basketball robots to take over the NBA, world.
Chicago Bull – Doug Collins will slow the pace in Chicago, and that may be a good thing.
NBA Stuffer – Eddie F. Rush can’t stand to see the road team win a playoff game.
Pistons Palace – Boston tried to give Detroit the game, but the Pistons refused to take it.
LA Times – There have been some late whistles in these playoffs, but 48 hours late?
Perk is a Beast – That’s the game you hope for with a blog about an obscure athlete.
X’s and O’s – Ray Allen shot himself out of a major, major, major slump.
Clips Nations – Clippers fans are weighing the PG alternatives: Hinrich vs. Ford.
Newsday – Monta Ellis wants a raise and the Warriors may not be able to afford it.
HOOPSWORLD – Who to pay, who to dump and who to watch from the class of 2005.

And finally, video of ‘Sheed Wallace’s take on the officiating (he didn’t like it):

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