Reading is Great! Thursday’s NBA Rumors, Breaking News, and Blog Links

Reading is made fun for Yi Jianlian!

Upside and Motor – The Spurs can’t win this series if Manu Ginobili keeps playing like that.
Red’s Army – Glen Davis takes a break from the buffet to enjoy the finer things in life.
Hardwood Paroxysm – The Spurs don’t want to double-team Kobe, but they need to.
BallHype – Squiggly lines and comparisons have confirmed it: Chris Paul is really good.
Need4Sheed – Sayeth Rasheed “Roscoe” Wallace: “Ain’t nobody in this joint nervous.”
West Coast Bias – Was that more “Lakers’ comeback” or “Spurs meltdown” last night in LA?
And One – Get pumped up, Cavaliers fans!!! You have the 19th pick in the NBA Draft!
Blog Maverick – Mark Cuban has opinions about things… and is a fan of the IRS?
Ballin Europe – Don’t expect a ton of Europeans to go in the first round of the draft.
Blog a Bull – Everything is coming up ping-pong balls for those lucky Chicago Bulls.
3 Shades of Blue – Speaking of ping-pong balls, the Grizzlies kind of jinxed themselves.
MLive – The Pistons’ offense was off in Game 1, but the defense is what troubles them more.

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