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Reading is Great! Friday’s NBA Links

Grant Hill thinks reading is great!

Star-Telegram – Jerry Stackhouse was, “about ready to kick [Byron Scott’s] ass.”
HOOPSWORLD – Tired of riding superstar guards to success, Shaq turns to horses.
The Sports Hernia – Larry Brown is going to leave somewhere and go do something else.
Upside and Motor – Breaking down the odds of where he might be doing it.
QuantumHoops – 209 consecutive three-pointers and better defense than JJ Redick.
Gossip on Sports – The top five reasons why Dwayne Wade dating Star Jones is “squicky.”
AOL FanHouse – Sitting down with New Orleans’ mild-mannered superstar David West.
Awful Announcing – Just when you thought you had seen the last of C-Webb…
Black Jesus Disciples – Breaking down the Phoenix Suns total vacuum of leadership.
NBA Stuffer – Joey Crawford leads the NBA in fouls, techs and ejections. We love you Joey.
The Painted Area – It’s not your imagination: the NBA is a lot more fun to watch these days.
What Would Oakley Do? – The Knicks are a lot like the Dream Team in one respect.

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