Reading is Great! Wednesday’s NBA Links

Adonal Foyle Makes Reading Fun!

Hardwood Paroxysm – Now you, too, can live out your D-League dream.
Need4Sheed – Don’t nobody got no influence on ‘Sheed Wallace.
Red’s Army – Red has had it up to here with the Avril Lavigne armwarmers.
Slam Dunk Central – Mike Woodson with a shaved head. Should be… interesting.
Hoops Addict – The math is simple: Chris Paul is your 2007-08 NBA MVP.
Forum Blue & Gold – Take a breather Lakers fans, you’ve earned it.
HOOPSWORLD – Season summary: the Chicago Bulls are a complete mess.
Sacramento Bee – Either Ron Artest or John Salmons has to go this offseason.
Inside Bay Area – There’s no excuse for Don Nelson benching B-Diddy Monday…
AOL FanHouse– Unless it had something to do with partying on Sunday?
Ball Don’t Lie – Hey, Stephen Jackson wouldn’t know anything about that.
Upside and Motor – In any event, these Warriors have their work cut out for them.
Randball – Season tickets in Minnesota could be cheap next season. Like, $43 cheap.

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