Reading is Great! Wednesday’s NBA Links

Rajon Rondo Makes Reading Fun!

Wages of Wins – Al Horford is our ROY, and the WoW Journal backs it up with the numbers.
AOL Fanhouse – Barack Obama can save the NBA.
ESPN – Chris Webber is set to retire. He was a great player, but it’s about damn time.
Detroit Bad Boys – What if the Detroit Pistons played in the Western Conference? – Somebody give Gilbert some love. Rank him, grade him, he’s ever so good.
NESW Sports – Remembering (a svelte) LeBron James’s first NBA game.
Yahoo! Sports – What’s wrong with this picture? Oh my.
Newsday – “You tell Eddy Curry ‘Get your fat a– in shape or you’re not playing…'”
20 Second Timeout – David Friedman checks in with the NBA Leaderboard, Part XIX.
Odenized – After some initial technical difficulties, Dirk gives us an in-depth update on his status before those technical difficulties rear their head again after the 4:00 minute mark and Dirk turns in some hilarious play-by-play, including a late use of the term “shortbus”:

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