ETB Eats Too Much, Takes Short Siesta

Home, Sweet HomeAfter consuming a gluttonous volume of ribs and s’mores, ETB will be taking a brief mid-summer siesta starting tomorrow and lasting until Sunday. As you already know, Brian is lost without a compass somewhere in the jungles of southeast Asia. While awaiting word from Cambodian officials on his whereabouts I will be returning to my homeland of Minnesota. The break comes at a perfect time as the NBA offseason is in a bit of a lull, not much is happening in NFL Land and the MLB will just be awakening from its own mid-season slumber, so hopefully we won’t miss much.

Fear not, loyal reader, for I shall return this coming week with all kinds analytic goodness. Expect to see ETB’s Fantasy MLB Mid-Season Player Rankings hit the site early in the week and updates on all the various professional athletes who will undoubtedly have been arrested in the meantime (for drugs, violence, gun possession or some combination thereof).

I’ve got tickets to see my beloved Twins while in the heartland, so if you’re watching the games keep an eye out for me just behind third base- even if you don’t know what I look like. It’ll be fun, like Where’s Waldo.

Here’s hoping it won’t be Nick Punto’s ugly mug standing in front of me all game.

Take ‘er easy for all us sinners,

Andrew “Boom Boom” Thell


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