ETB to be Temporarily Shorthanded

See you in August

Just wanted to drop a quick update to you, loyal reader, about one half of Empty the Bench’s whereabouts. I’m heading overseas tomorrow for about 5 weeks, and will not be posting any content while away. Never fear–ETB is *not* shutting down. Andrew will be assuming full-time duties and gracing you with all kinds of memorable content that won’t soon be forgotten.

I’ll be back August 7; until then, please direct any and all questions and concerns to Andrew at With playoff baseball and new NFL and NBA seasons in the offing, late-summer on into the fall is our favorite time of the year. Empty the Bench looks forward to getting back to full strength in plenty of time to have it all covered.

Until then, I bid you a great July. Enjoy basking in the comedic, analytical stylings of ETB’s other self-made man, Andrew Thell.



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