The 2007 ETB Fantasy Football Invitational

ETB Friends, Followers, and Readers:

Kickoff for the 2007 NFL season is still about 2 1/2 months away, but planning for the real reason we all keep up with the league–the fantasy season–is already underway here at Empty the Bench.

It's time to nerd up for fantasy football

That also means we’re gearing up for the first-annual Empty the Bench Fantasy Football Invitational. It promises to be a grand olde time, we’d like you to be a part of it, and are now accepting applications.

Everyone knows that the key to a fulfilling fantasy season is that all participants stay engaged from draft day on through the playoffs. If you’re the kind of person who drafts Daunte Culpepper in the third round, inserts him as your starting quarterback in Week 1, then leaves him in there for another 10 weeks while he’s on the Disabled List, this league probably isn’t for you.

However, if you wake up on Sunday morning (after a sleepless night filled with nightmares about who to start at your W/R and W/T flex spots) and immediately scour injury reports, change parts of your lineup at least 10 times before 1pm, then spend the rest of the day clicking refresh on your StatTracker every 5 seconds, then you’re an incredible dork, just like we are. You’re the kind of person we’re looking for.

Draft day has not yet been determined, but will likely be on a weekday night after 8:30pm during the week of August 13 or August 20. Once the league has formed, we’ll propose a few dates and agree on an amicable one for everybody. We have 10 open spots in the 12-team league, as of course you will be competing against “The Twin Towers” of Empty the Bench, Andrew and Brian. Unfortunately, that of course means you are ensured of nothing higher than third place overall.

Silly Prerequisites:

– You must have participated in at least two prior fantasy-football seasons, preferably on Yahoo! Sports–that’s where we’re doing it. Your application scores bonus points if you have some trophies in your Yahoo! profile. God, I feel like a huge dork typing that.

– You don’t have to be a writer with your own website or blog to be considered, but we’d like as many as possible to join and will admittedly reserve at least a few spots for those folks. Oh, don’t bitch, it’s only fantasy football, you’re going to be in five other leagues anyway.

– No particular aversion to using the message board from time to time is a good thing, and so is responding to trade requests within a reasonable timeframe.

How to Apply:

– If you think you’re man enough to man up for the manly 2007 ETB Fantasy Football Invitational, email us at and/or Please include the name of and link to your website if you have one and, ya know, your name.

We’re not sure how many applications will flood our inboxes, but we’ll try to do it on a first-come, first-serve basis, with the above silly prerequisites in mind. Please don’t be offended if you don’t get a chance to participate this year. We hope to greatly expand the number of fantasy leagues run through ETB in the future.

ETB plans to cover the goings-ons of our league and share news and trends we see that could be of note for other players out there, as well as hold regular “roundtable” discussions about various issues in the NFL fantasy season throughout the year. We’ll also come up with some kind of *sweet* prize/trophy if any of you manage to beat us.

And, geez, we’d really love it if you could help come up with a better name for all this than “fantasy football.” It’s embarassing enough to actually be involved in it, but “fantasy” makes it sound like “football with a Dungeons & Dragons spin.” Okay, that’s actually what it is.


Your Friends at Empty the Bench


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