11 Darts at the NBA Board

Used to get crossed over by Eugene

– The NBA Finals are still being played out in spirit only. After last night’s three-point victory by the San Antonio Spurs in Game 3, the Cavs are done, and the Spurs will likely earn their fourth NBA title with a sweep. That’s impressive no matter who the opponent is which, in this case, could be argued that Cleveland is one of the worst ever to make it to the Big Dance. We say that with all due respect to LeBron James, who had an absolutely magnificent ECF but hasn’t met the same kind of success in the Finals. And about that “LeBron isn’t making excuses” thing: sure, he didn’t cry foul during the post-game press conference on Bruce Bowen’s supposed foul in the waning moments of the fourth quarter. Cheers for that, to be sure, because it looked like he had grounds for complaint. But on the flipside, he sure was making excuses on the floor seconds after he didn’t get the call.

– Complete Sports hums Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” as they utilize something called hindsight and redo the lottery picks of the 2006 NBA Draft.

– A former high-school classmate of Sebastian Telfair (“Ryan”) tells Celtics 24/7 that in practice, Telfair “used to be dominated by this other point guard, Eugene” and that “Eugene would cross him up.” Don’t laugh, Eugene is owning over at Chelsea Piers these days.

– The latest on the J.R. Smith car accident saga (his friend is now dead and Smith could face criminal charges), from Larry Brown Sports.

– NBA scouts seem to have unanimously narrowed down who the Atlanta Hawks may draft with the #3 pick in the draft to Al Horford and Brandan Wright. Whomever they settle on, let’s hope Atlanta nails it because this team is already pretty exciting to watch, and are getting closer and closer to challenging for a playoff berth. Of course, point guard is still a desperate area of need, but third overall seems a bit high for them to grab Mike Conley, Jr. Acie Law is a solid alternative with the #11 pick.

Mark Cuban stoically stands behind Dan Rather.

With Leather sums up last night’s Game 3 rather nicely: “And I can say with resolute authority that Game 3 was shit. Utter shit. All different kinds of shit mixed in a shitty shit cocktail. The few of us that tuned in were all witnesses to crap.”

– Because David Stern seems intent on making us all watch our favorite NBA players shoot tons of free throws, The Crossover Movement has some tips on how Varejao, Duncan, James, and the rest of the league can improve their percentages.

– A warm and fuzzy video montage of a wild and wacky German basketball player that won some kind of postseason award this year.

J.J. Redick is a NASCAR fan. Why is that not surprising?

– Finally, it just wouldn’t be an NBA offseason without Minnesota Timberwolves GM Kevin McHale trying to screw over his franchise. Wolves Watch found this rumor that the team could be targeting Spencer Hawes with the #7 pick–and potentially passing on more NBA-ready guys like Corey Brewer, Al Thornton, and Jeff Green.


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