10 Darts at the MLB Board

Baseball players playing baseball

– All on the Field thinks that because of an unwritten rule in professional baseball, NY Mets pitcher Jeff Maine should bean Hong Chih-Kuo next time they meet.

– Empty the Bench was all over Justin Verlander’s amazing no-hitter last night against the Milwaukee Brewers, but we weren’t the only ones to bear witness. Cheers to you, Justin Verlander.

– Home Run Derby tackles baseball’s best beards. We’ve always been partial to Rick Sutcliffe.

– All kinds of conflicting reports last week about whether or not Tigers ace middle reliever Joel Zumaya would pitch again this season (messed up middle finger). Yesterday, the man himself said he would definitely be back, perhaps as early as six weeks from now.

– Tampa Bay Devil Rays outfielder Elijah Dukes threw a bottle of Gatorade at his baby’s mama when he found out she’s pregnant. The Gatorade angle is a good one, but so is the fact that the 18-year-old got all detailed with investigators by telling them where, exactly, the babe was conceived (on his step-grandmother’s living room sofa). We could not confirm whether or not grandma protected her couch with that plastic casing stuff.

– Don’t forget to cast your vote for Placido Polanco as starting second baseman for the American League in next month’s All-Star Game in San Francisco, CA. He’s finally pulled ahead of the NY Yankees Robinson Cano. If you’re on the fence as to why, exactly, you should choose substance and performance over “someone you heard of,” Quo Vadimus breaks it down magnificently on why Polanco more than deserves your vote.

Is this the worst excuse ever for striking out four times in one game? Sayeth Tony Graffanino: “I don’t know how it couldn’t be a distraction. [Seagulls] were flying all over the place. There’s nothing you can do about it. You have to stay focused. But I’d rather face [Verlander] without birds flying around.”

– The Minnesota Twins desperately need their ace, Johan Santana, to be at the top of his game (much) more often than not to keep pace in the stacked AL Central. So, what’s wrong with him and can he get “it” back?

– Who will be the next to beat the piss out of Chicago Cubs punching bag Michael Barrett?

– There is only one group of fans out there that still believes the Cleveland Cavaliers can come back and win four straight to take the NBA Finals away from the Spurs. That group of fans is not from Cleveland.


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