10 Darts at the NBA Board

Ray Allen, left, and Rashard Lewis wonder if Lewis will be back with the Sonics

– Shame on you for calling former first-round draft pick Michael Dickerson a flop. Yeah, I know, the Houston Rockets could have drafted Rashard Lewis in the 1998 NBA Draft instead, but let me ask you this: has Lewis ever had his own basketball board game? I didn’t think so. Wonder how many photos Five Talents sifted through before settling on that one.

– NBA scouts and front offices must really like what they’re seeing from Greg Oden in his pre-draft workouts. According to one report, two teams have offered Portland a future Hall of Famer in exchange for the first overall pick in the draft. You Been Blinded is onto something in suggesting the unnamed players were Kevin Garnett and Allen Iverson. I’m not so sure about Kobe though.

– Shawn Marion has probably played his last game for the Phoenix Suns, but where will he ultimately end up? Though I’m not sure a starting frontcourt pairing of Marion, Tayshaun Prince, and ?? is especially frightening, don’t completely discount the rumors of Rasheed Wallace going to the Suns. Incoming GM Steve Kerr has long harbored an affinity for the core Pistons, and I could see him pursuing a deal to land one of them. Wallace and a pick for Amare Stoudemire seems more likely, but then again, not.

Celtics Green has a nice roundup of those mock drafts Joakim Noah so despises. ETB is trying to get its act together for a mock of our own, perhaps strictly out of spite for Noah.

– David Brent accusingly points his finger at Jones on the NBA and says “ooohhh, racial.” My blood pressure was meteorically rising as I scrolled further and further down his fantastic list of the Top 20 White American Players of the Last 20 Years, upset that Bill Laimbeer wasn’t there. When I saw Christian Laettner’s name, still no Laimbeer, I threw up a little in my mouth… and then there was the former Bad Boy. Whew.

– So, unrestricted free agent Rashard Lewis is pretty popular these days. Houston wants him, the Knicks want him, Boston wants him, Miami wants him, and Seattle probably wouldn’t mind keeping him either.

– Joe Dumars finally addressed the media yesterday about the state of the Detroit Pistons, and while he firmly said there was “no fire sale” going down this summer, there will be some changes on the docket. He mentioned a severe attitude adjustment as one such change that he would hammer home, and we couldn’t agree more with him.

– Dime Magazine’s top 10 small forwards in the NBA. Pretty solid list here that’s hard to argue with, though I would slide Tayshaun Prince and Caron Butler ahead of Lamar Odom at this point in their respective careers.

– Between 2003-05, Scottie Pippen collected $78,945 in farm subsidies from the government for land he owned in Arkansas. We recommend clicking over not to learn more about his farming techniques, but for a detailed look at all the bad investments he’s made over the years. (via Deadspin)

– One writer still trying to convince NBA fans to continue watching the Finals. To convince us that Cleveland still has a sporting chance based on what happened last year between Miami and Dallas. Eh.


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