ETB’s 2007 NFL Draft Dance Party

JaMarcus Russell is a Raider

We’re about 14 minutes away from the kickoff of the NFL’s annual Spring Super Bowl, otherwise known as the NFL Draft. We’ll be checking in periodically with updates from all the zaniness in New York this afternoon, blow by blow, pick by pick. The Oakland Raiders are on the clock.

1. Oakland Raiders – JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU: My god, that was one cheeseball “draft room” dramatization from ESPN, wasn’t it? This thing gets more and more overblown every year. Mel Kiper says Calvin Johnson is the number one guy on most teams draftboard, but that “JaMarcus Russell has to be the Raiders pick.” Al Davis and the Raiders agreed, and go with the hulking QB from LSU with the first overall choice. This is one big boy–yep, he loves to eat. Russell probably won’t start the season behind center, but this team isn’t going anywhere and we fully expect Russell to take over the starting job by midseason. If Moss is still around, Russell’s cannon arm is well suited to Moss’ love for the deep ball.

2. Detroit Lions – Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech: Please, ESPN, get the Lions’ recent first-round pick history off the screen! It’s a nightmare! No trade (yet), the Lions’ take their fourth stab at fortifying their receiving corps with a top-10 pick at the wideout spot. Lots of speculation that Johnson will still be traded, but as a Lions fan, unless they’re being offered a pirate’s ransom for Johnson, let’s just hold onto him at his point. This guy is going to be Pro Bowler by his second year. Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson on the field at the same time? SICK. SICK. SICK. This isn’t a sure thing yet though… trade is still a very real possibility. They could have drafted Brady Quinn.

From MLive just now: “Mike Martz has bene pushing for the Lions to draft Calvin Johnson for some time. He’s even been leaving sticky notes around Rod Marinelli’s office, pretending to be Johnson, with phrases like “Coach, I like you a lot, please draft me. Calvin.” Today, he got his man, saying in the press conference explaining the pick: “He’s the best (WR prospect) I’ve ever seen.”

3. Cleveland Browns – Joe Thomas, LT, Wisconsin: A bit of a surprise pick here for the Browns, as most of ESPN’s talking heads had Brady Quinn pegged as the pick. Berman says “Thomas has one of the highest grades of any offensive lineman in the past few years. Higher than D’Brickashaw Ferguson.” We’ll see. You have to like this pick, though, as we’re just not convinced that Brady Quinn is a sure thing to succeed at the professional level. Of course, you might hear differently from Andrew if Quinn slides to his Vikings at #7. At any rate, solid, smart pick here for Cleveland. Thomas should be a starter for the next 12 years in the Dawg Pound.

4. Tampa Bay Bucs – Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson: The reasoning behind passing on Brady Quinn is that Phil Simms and Jeff Garcia are already on the roster. So what? Garcia is a just a great backup at this point in his career and Simms just isn’t a franchise QB. For my money, Quinn was the pick here. That said, going defense also makes sense with this pick. Monte Kiffin is a terrific defensive coordinator who gets a lot out of players that are just above average, but he needs some horses. The Bucs have five defensive starters in their 30s going into the 2007 season. Gaines Adams projects to be a premier pass rusher that should fit in very well in Tampa’s D. He’s certainly the best defensive player in this draft and could be an impact player right away. Adams is compares favorably to last year’s number one overall pick Mario Williams. He’s consistent, athletic, quick on the edges and will be giving opposing QBs nightmares for years to come. He’ll be a great player, I just think Tampa Bay will regret passing on Quinn in the coming years.

5. Arizona Cardinals – Levi Brown, OT, Penn State: There really weren’t any picks that make perfect sense for the Cardinals here. With Edgerin James and Matt Leinert signed to big contracts, the two best players on the board, Peterson and Quinn, had to be ruled out. But offensive line was a major need for the Cards and Levi Brown will be a fine player. He’s a physical, nasty and extremely strong. He’ll help, and he may have been the right pick, but he probably didn’t warrant a 5th overall selection. Nobody else fit their needs though. Brown will protect their franchise player, Matt Leinert, and improve Edge’s putrid YPC from 2006. The Brady Quinn saga continues, and the smart money has him landing in Minnesota.

6. Washington Redskins – LaRon Landry, S, LSU: As their only first-day pick, this had to count for the Skins. Trading down and for a second or third round pick makes sense; this team has only drafted 42 collegiate players since 2000, the fewest in the league. But ESPN just panned to Landry at home, and judging by his reaction, it looks like he’s tipped the ‘Skins’ hat. Andrew says “he and Sean Taylor are going to be blowing people up. Nasty.” This guy looks mean. MEAN. Redskins opponents are going to have fuuuuuuun going over the middle for the next 5 – 6 years. Brady Quinn.

7. Minnesota Vikings – Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma: Vikings fans: get used to Tarvaris Jackson. Learn to love him. For better or worse, he is your franchise QB. The Minnesota front offense surprised many by passing on Brady Quinn and landed Peterson, who will become their franchise offensive player. This pick will likely define the Brad Childress era in Minnesota. Adrian Peterson is going to be a great player, but an injury history has to make any team nervous. Maybe that’s a blessing in disguise for the Viqueens though, because AD’s elite talent would certainly have made him a top-three selection otherwise. He also looks to have a low running style that shouldn’t make him injury prone in general, assuming his previous maladies don’t come back to haunt him. The other knock on this pick is that the Vikings signed Chester Taylor to a four-year contract going into last season. Having two solid RBs isn’t a bad problem to have though, and he could take a lot of pressure off of Jackson. Brady Quinn made a ton of sense here, but Peterson is explosive, he’s a workhorse and tremendous athlete, and he’ll be a great blocker.

8. Atlanta Falcons – Jamaal Anderson – DE, Arkansas: With Landry and Brown both off the board, and a failure to trade up and get Calvin Johnson, the Falcons didn’t really have much choice but to turn to Anderson, a classic “upside” guy that’s very talented, but somewhat of a question mark. Honestly, not a very sexy pick here for the Falcons, and you can’t help but feel that, maybe, this is one of those guys that doesn’t overwhelm for at least a few years. And, for the time being, the Falcons still don’t have a legitimate threat at wideout for Ron Mexico. Brady Quinn. They better be focused on the top-rated talent at WR in the second round. The next pick should be a no-brainer for Miami; c’mon, don’t take up the whole 15 minutes.

The Falcons made no secret about their infatuation with CJ. From MLive just now:

According to a source close to the situation, the Atlanta Falcons could’ve had Calvin Johnson for a swap of first-round picks and also their two second-rounders and a third rounder. At the time, the Falcons believed it was too costly.

However, Atlanta’s gamble backfired because they believed that their second option — safety LaRon Landry — could be there at No. 8. When that fizzled (to no one else’s surprise), the Falcons were sitting on the outside of the small group of elite players that went in the first seven picks. Atlanta had to settle for Jamaal Anderson, who was not highly rated on a lot of boards. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of a receiver — if any — the Falcons can get with one of their two second-round picks.

9. Miami Dolphins – Ted Gunn, Jr., WR, Ohio State: What a shocker. This would have been the best scenario for Quinn, and Ginn is a major reach here. Brady Quinn looks sick to his stomach and his girlfriend isn’t too pleased either. But Mel Kiper may be the most upset, he’s taking this as a personal insult. Ginn is a smaller WR at 5’11”, but he is a home run hitter. He has tremendous speed and game-breaking capability, and he’ll be returning kicks right away. But he isn’t as polished as you’d like to see in a 9th overall pick at WR and lacks route running skills. A Joey Galloway type who won’t thrive in the middle of the field, I just can’t see this pick making sense with Quinn still on the board.

10. Houston Texans – Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville: “One of the most compelling stories we’ve ever had in the draft,” says Chris Berman. The young, 300-pound, 19-year-old kid will be paired with Mario Williams, DeMeco Ryans, and Dunta Robinson to give the Texans a (potentially) explosive defense anchored by four guys all under 25 years old. There really wasn’t anyone on offense that made sense for the Texans at this spot, but look for them to take a long look at running backs in round two or three. Brady Quinn.

11. San Francisco 49ers – Patrick Willis, LB, Mississippi: Steve Young says “Patrick Willis is written in blood” before Goodell announces the pick. Indeed, it’s Willis, and we think this kid is going to be a monster in the pros. I was hoping to see the Lions trade the Calvin Johnson pick/slot down and scoop up the Butkus Award winner to be our starting guy in the middle for years to come. As it is, the Niners get the top-rated linebacker in the draft, and he’ll no doubt step right into the starting lineup and make an impact (Brady Quinn). Mel Kiper likes him, though, so he could very well be a bust.

ESPN’s Michael Smith just speculated that Brady Quinn is “being downgraded some because his name is Brady.” Huh? Please, sombody, take the guy so we can stop hearing about him.

12. Buffalo Bills – Marshawn Lynch, RB, California: And so the Bills have their replacement for Willis McGahee. Lynch is pretty much been rated the second-best back on the board behind Peterson, but he doesn’t carry the injury risks that the Oklaham back does. Lynch’s highlight reel of clips just ended with him cruising around the field on a cart. How fun! Brady Quinn.

Awwww… they offered to take poor Brady Quinn out of the spotlight and give him some privacy in the green room. Awwwww. Kornheiser says it’s “merciful” by Goodell to make the gesture. Geez, ESPN has run out of anything to say already, and we’re “only” two and a half hours in.

13. St. Louis Rams – Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska: The Rams have to be thrilled to have their choice of the top two cornerbacks in this year’s draft. Awwww, but then again, poor Brady Quinn and his sad girlfriend have to wait again to be picked. Shame on you, Rams, shame on you. Brady Quinn. Somewhat surprising, though, that the Rams went with Carriker instead of, say, Leon Hall from Michigan. Mortenson says this guy is a “safe” pick; although we’d have liked to see a CB here, St. Louis just needed to go defense either way, and this pass-rushing specialist should help out immediately.

Now, please, Carolina, end this Brady Quinn Saga next. Please. Please. Yay, a trade, says the crowd at Radio City Music Hall.

The Jets have traded up and taken the pick. Carolina trades their 14th pick and a sixth rounder for the Jets’ 25th pick, a second-rounder, AND a fifth-rounder. Steep price, the crowd isn’t exactly cheering about it. Drunk men, pissed, at Radio City. More at 10.

14. New York Jets – Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh: A solid pick for the Jets. There was some debate between Revis and Hall as to who was the top corner in the draft, but we like the selection. Revis played well against the premier WRs in college, he has the speed and size to excel, he’s a good character guy and has the potential to be a premier corner in the NFL. Brady Quinn. It’s both a value pick and a position of need for the Jets, so this makes perfect sense.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers – Lawrence Timmons, LB, Florida State: Points for not taking up the whole 15 minutes before making the pick. We’ll readily admit that we’re not huge followers of college football, so this is the point in the draft where some of the names rolling out draw a big “who?” in the room. Kiper says one of Timmons’ strengths is “attacking the line,” which should make him popular in the Steel City. Big hitter who will likely step into the starting lineup immediately. The Steelers needed to address defense in the first round, and they’ve accomplished it by taking one of the top linebackers available. Bit of a reach, but they had a big void here with the loss of Joey Porter. Brady Quinn.

Pistons/Magic, Game Four, starting over on TNT, so our updates might be a little more sporadic over the next few hours. Funny thing is, we’ll probably still be in the first round of the draft by the time this game is over with. Suzy Kolber is with poor Brady Quinn, who she says was “gracious enough to join us.” Someone, PLEASE, end this. Guys already in the league have to be watching this and having a good chuckle. Brady = Joey Harrington?

16. Green Bay Packers – Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee: The Packers have plenty of holes to fill, and could take a running back, a cornerback, wide receiver, maybe even a quarterback if they’re not totally sold on Aaron Rodgers. Ultimately, they go with a defensive lineman, whose name drew catcalls and boos from the Packers Draft Party back in Wisconsin. Seems like a bit of a reach here for the Pack, and you gotta wonder why (Brady Quinn) they didn’t reward Favre’s decision to come back by spending their first-round pick on a weapon for his, likely, last season. Highly rated defensive lineman, but they probably needed to address the offense here. Somewhere, John Madden weeps for Brett.

Denver just traded up into Jacksonville’s slot. Cornerback? Jaguars picked up a third-rounder and a sixth-rounder to move back four spots. Huh.

17. Denver Broncos – Jarvis Moss, DE, Florida: It had to be Hall here, one of the top cornerbacks in the nation and neck and neck with Revis for top billing at his spot. Brady Quinn. But, again, a bit of a surprise pick here, though the team clearly had to go defense here no matter what. Did they then assume Moss would be gone at 21? We don’t know a whole helluva lot about this guy (plenty of other sites out there do, I’m sure), but we do he’s VERY fast off the edge and represented himself very well in the championship game against Ohio State.

18. Cincinnati Bengals – Leon Hall, CB, Michigan: Nine Bengals players have been arrested since 2005. Just so you know. Leon Hall makes sense here… and, they took him. Hall has great upside and is pretty much exactly what this team needs. I’ve seen him play over the years at Michigan, and he’s the total package at his spot: good coverage guy, Brady Quinn, big hitter, leader. He’ll rejoin his old teammate, Chris Perry, in the professional ranks. I think Hall’s going to have a nice, long Pro Bowl-caliber career.

19. Tennessee Titans – Michael Griffin, S, Texas: Um, what? The Titans HAD to draft a wide receiver here to help out Vince Young, especially since he’ll be susceptible to the dreaded Madden Curse this season. They’d lost Drew Bennett and Bobby Wade as free agents, and with question marks at running back as well, it would just be cruel not to bring in a top-level threat at WR. Meacham was probably the third or fourth-rated receiver in the draft, and he makes sense over Bowe from LSU because of his built-in following in the area after playing for the Vols. Instead, the Titans go with Griffin, a monster hitter who will step right into the starting lineup. Still, Young is one of many that can’t be happy with this pick. Brady Quinn.

Suzy K. is pulling a Thelma, and still on the Brady Quinn case. I think she even offered to wipe if he needed the help. Breakfast burritos can come back to bite ya on draft day.

20. New York Giants – Aaron Ross, CB, Texas: Mel Kiper says HIS number-one priority for the Giants is left tackle Joe Staley from Central Michigan. New GM Jerry Reese disagreed and fortifies the Brady Quinn, which doesn’t hurt going against the Cowboys high-powered offense. Like all the other defensive player highlights, we see Ross absolutely lighting up a slew of unfortunate wideouts. Good size at 6-feet, Ross definitely helps. We expect the Giants to go offense the next few rounds.

QUINN REPORT: If he doesn’t go here, Quinn will likely slide all the way to Carolina at #25. Poor, poor Brady Quinn.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars – Reggie Nelson, S, Florida: The second member of the NCAA champion Gators goes at #21. But, of course, no one cares, at least according to ESPN. The Brady Quinn Saga continues, more tears are shed in the green room, and his girlfriend has reportedly stomped out of the room after being told her snappily dressed boyfriend might freefall all the way to Chicago at the bottom of round one, or even (gasp!!) the second round, which, of course, means second-round money. Poor Brady Quinn, poor Tom Condon, his agent.

TRADE: Cleveland moves up, they’re taking Quinn.

22. Cleveland Browns – Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame: Finally. Whew. Have you ever watched a draft that *barely* talked about the first overall guy in favor of the #22 overall pick. Fantastic move by the Browns to snap up two Top 5 talents with their first two picks of the draft. They get their cornerstone on the offensive line, they get their cornerstone at quarterback. Regardless of what they had to give up to move here, the Browns are going to get very high marks from all the NFL draft gurus out there. It’s deserved so far… Winslow, Edwards, Quinn, Thomas. Nice foundation for the Browns to build on. The pampering of Quinn throughout the day, not to mention his weepy attitude, has been pretty hard to watch. Thankfully, Brady Quinn it’ll be over soon. Browns gave up their second-round pick and next year’s first-rounder. Dallas had to make this trade; they definitely scored here.

23. Kansas City Chiefs – Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU: Some great linebackers and wide receivers were still on the board, and the Chiefs went offense. 6’2″ and very strong, Bowe is physically reminiscent of TO or Brady Quinn. He has just decent speed, but had a massive season with Jamarcus Russell and looks fairly polished. Offensive line is going to be a major weakness for KC, they could have gone that direction as well and now you have to assume they’ll be looking that direction in round two. This pick should give Brodie Croyle a legitimate threat over the middle in the next year or two. I don’t expect Bowe to have an immediate impact, but his physical tools should translate relatively quickly. There were some questions about his hands earlier in the college season but he answered many of those as the year went on. This is a logical selection for the Chiefs (Brady Quinn).

24. New England Patriots – Brandon Meriweather, S, Miami: A bit of a surprise at this point, but this is a guy who has been in a pro-style defense and played in some big games. It’s very unusual for the Patriots to take a risk with a player who has character questions like Meriweather. We’ve all seen the video of him giving that Florida International player some Sweet Chin Music and there was also a previous incident with a handgun. Teams need to be careful they’re getting players who will be able to hold up under the scrutiny of the new conduct policies. Brady Quinn. That said, this is also a kid who has a ton of physical talent. He may not have gotten the most out of his skill set last year, but New England is a good place for him to land in order to develop and learn some work ethic.

25. Carolina Panthers – Jon Beason, LB, Miami: The second straight Miami selection, Beason didn’t even make the First Team All ACC last year. I don’t think this makes a ton of sense. He is a playmaker with a nose for the ball who led the team in tackles and he has a very natural football sense. Still, if they wanted to go this direction, there were at least two or three better linebacker prospects available in my mind. Brady Quinn.

Dallas trades back up into the first round and takes the Philadelphia Eagles slot.

26. Dallas Cowboys – Anthony Spencer, DE, Purdue: Plenty of options here for Dallas with so many highly rated players available. I have to think they go linebacker… geez, make the pick! If you trade up, don’t you already know who you’re going to take? The top 10 picks or so can have 15 minutes each, but after that it should drop to at least 10 minutes. To give you an idea just how long this damn thing is taking, the draft (Brady Quinn) started at noon. The Pistons/Magic game started at 3pm. Now, we’re at the 26th pick, and the Pistons game is going into the fourth quarter. Anyway, the Cowboys took Spencer, Kiper’s “pick for the Defensive Player of the Year a few months back.” Paired with DeMarcus Ware and Marcus Spears, the Cowboys are building a nice core of youngsters on defense.

27. New Orleans Saints – Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee: Brady Quinn: How would he fit in with the Saints if he was still available? What kind of underwear is he wearing? What’s his favorite bedtime snack? Well, for now, we’ll have to settle for finding out who the Saints add to the roster, annnnnnd it’s the 6-2 receiver from Tennessee. This offense is going to be loaded for quite some time. Fairly physical, good speed, and a guy that could have gone anywhere between 15 and here. Also, Steve Young is all over QB John Beck’s backside.

28. San Francisco 49ers – Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan:A fine pick for the Niners after trading into Patriot’s draft spot. He should start immediately and provide some nice protection for the franchise cornerstones of Alex Smith (Who plays the same position as Brady Quinn) and Frank Gore that San Fran is so heavily invested in. Staley was the third-highest rated offensive lineman on just about everybody’s board. He only allowed two sacks in his entire collegiate career and makes sense for both value and need perspectives. Nice pick, but I’m still shocked that they gave up their first rounder next year. That’s going to be another top-10 selection and, while we like Staley and think he’ll help right off the bat, he probably wasn’t worth that hefty price.

29. Baltimore Ravens – Ben Grubbs, OG, Auburn: A First Team All SEC and a fine offensive guard who played in 38 consecutive games as a starter, this guy is going to help the Ravens. He could easily have gone in the top 15-20 selections and slipped a bit to the Ravens. Ogden will come back this year, but pretty soon the Ravens are going to be in serious need of some bodies on that O-line. They could also have taken one of the remaining QBs (Brady Quinn wasn’t available), but this is less of a reach and a nice long-term investment for the club.

30. San Diego Chargers – Craig Davis, WR, LSU: With Brady Quinn off the board and talking with Suzy Kolber, the Chargers have to rethink their whole strategy with this pick. A wide receiver could be a possibility here, but there’s still two stud linebackers on the board in David Harris and Paul P. of Penn State. Whoever it is, let’s get that card in, as Keyshawn is talking quite a bit now. By the way, here’s another idea for speeding up the first round–stop this silliness of slowly walking the card up to the front booth. What is this, 1954? It’s called instant messaging. It works pretty well. Let’s try it maybe? Anyway, the Chargers select Craig Davis, the second LSU wideout to go in the first round. Surprised how much Dwayne Jarrett has fallen out of favor; I think Jarrett is going to be a lot better than some people think. Addressing this position, however, is a smart move by SD. Whether they picked the right guy remains to be seen.

Keyshawn and Mel Kiper are really getting into it about Jarrett. Still hoping one of these guys has a really embarassing meltdown by the end of the night.

31. Chicago Bears – Greg Olsen, TE, Miami: The Bears could use another quarterback, although they’re disappointed that Brady Quinn is not available here. We’re all disappointed that Brady Quinn isn’t still around. But since Brady Quinn isn’t here, the Bears could take John Beck (I wouldn’t want him leading my team, personally), Drew Stanton, or Trent Edwards of Stanford. Judging by his hat, it looks like it’s going to be Miami tight end Greg Olsen, the top-rated player at his position and a guy projected to be a mid-first rounder. Great receiver, and the Bears offense can always use more weapons on that side of the ball. Smart pick that makes sense, though Brady Quinn is who we would have taken.

32. Indianapolis Colts – Anthony Gonzales, WR, Ohio State: The Colts already have Peyton Manning at quarterback, so Brady Quinn would not have been considered even if he was still on the board (Which he wasn’t). And that, of course, would have been a crying shame if Brady had slipped into the second round. Everybody knows this whole draft thing was all about him. Gonzales is a leaper (38-inch vertical), a passionate football player and a good possession receiver. He could be a decent player for them in a few years after Harrison’s skills decline. The Colts are also more than capable of getting three receivers involved, and Anthony is a bit like Brandon Stokley in his skill set. Despite his positives, this is a reach pick and a tad strange since the Colts offense is so set already. A defensive pick would have made more sense, especially after losing a pair of cornerbacks and safeties in the offseason. There were two or three linebackers who would have made sense and any secondary pick would have also fit a need. Polian has an excellent eye for offensive talent though, so it’s hard to question his choice.

That wraps up Empty the Bench’s coverage of the first round because, well, at long last it’s finally over. We’ll soldier on through the rest of the draft, but probably won’t have comments for every pick. In fact, we definitely won’t. They’re only showing Brady Quinn every few minutes now and so our interest is fading. As the ESPN coverage repeatedly proved, he was the only player NFL fans cared about anyway.

33. Arizona Cardinals – Alan Branch, DT, Michigan: The Cards traded up here with the Raiders and take the talented Alan Branch, whose stock plummeted over the past few weeks, kind of like Brady Quinn. Next up, Matt Millen! Actually, wait, Buffalo just traded up. Damn it. They better have gotten something good for this with the two linebackers still there.

34. Buffalo Bills – Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State: He would have looked great manning the middle of Detroit’s defense for the next 5 – 6 years. Sigh… the Lions drop down 10 spots and pick up the Bills’ third-rounder. Decent compensation I suppose. Brady Quinn.

Dwayne Jarrett will be there for Minnesota… will they make the right pick?

41. Atlanta Falcons – Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas: As a Viqueens fan, I had been chanting Jarrett’s name for 10 minutes. Then the Minnesota logo was replaced by a Falcon and I started chanting, “Not Jarrett, not Jarrett . . . ” Of course, I knew that Atlanta needs a wideout as much as we do so I expected Dwayne to become a Dirty Bird. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m very surprised to see both of these WR-starved teams let him slip in this spot and I think MN will regret it if they don’t jump on him with their pick.

43. Detroit Lions – Drew Stanton, QB, Michigan State: Sigh… okay, this isn’t the worst pick for Detroit, but with David Harris still on the board I really have to wonder why they’re passing. This defense needs a LOT of help, but Millen has now gone offense (surprise surprise) with the first two picks. Stanton doesn’t have a great arm, but he’s got a lot of moxy and could eventually develop into a starter. Picked this high, the team is clearly banking on him to become “the guy” within a year or two and learn under Jon Kitna in the meantime. We’ll see, but what about Dan Orlovsky? Is he out of the picture now? Does this signal an eminent trade of Josh McCown? And when, exactly, are they going to address that porous defense?

44. Minnesota Vikings – Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina: I sincerely hope this wasn’t the second straight year that the Vikings reached on a South Carolina wideout. I honestly don’t know much about the kid, but drafting another player out of the SC offense makes me extremely nervous. Passing on Jarrett makes me feel a tad sick to my stomach. I ask myself what sounds better: Brady Quinn, Troy Williamson, Dwayne Jarrett and Chester Taylor or Tarvaris Jackson, Troy Williamson, Chester Taylor and Adian Peterson? I have to admit, that second group looks better on paper to me. I’m not a GM though. As a Vikings fan I’ll support these players until they give me a reason to do otherwise, but I’m not feeling very comfortable with the direction of the franchise.

58. Detroit Lions – Ikaika Alama-Francis, DE, Hawaii: Um… what? Who? They traded UP for a guy that no one has heard of? They don’t make NFL-ready defensive players at Hawaii!! What? Unbelievable. This guy better be good. Geez.


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