Lebron’s Neighbor: “Honey, He Doesn’t Want to Shoot Hoops with You. Get Over It!”


Geez, Mr. Bader… how about a little positive reinforcement? Fox Sports has a story about Lebron James’ much talked-about new house under construction, but you probably already know that it will include a bowling alley, a two-story walk-in closet, casino, and, oh yeah, a limestone sculpture of King James’ head. What you might not know yet is how ‘Bron’s neighbors feel about the castle’s construction and all the gawkers it’s drawing. Tom Bader, for one, just wants to kick back after a long day at work:

“People who come to photograph it are disrespectful,” said Tom Bader, one of nine immediate next-door neighbors. “They park their car in the middle of the street — with their doors open! And you’re sitting behind them! All I wanna do is go home after a hard day’s work.”

“As far as LeBron the man goes, I think he’s an outstanding individual,” said Bader, a graduate of James’ alma mater, St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron. He’s great for Cleveland. I’m proud to have him. I have no issues with LeBron James at all. The problem is the baggage that he unintentionally carries with him.”

The other problem, according to Bader, are the unrealistic expectations of his children that come with living next door to the NBA superstar:

Bader has discouraged his children’s dream that James might have them over to shoot hoops. “I said, `Honey, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Besides that, don’t ever, ever invite LeBron over to our house to play ball because he’s going to twist his ankle and I will have my house eternally egged.”‘

Ah yes, every suburbanites’ worst nightmare: an eternally egged house. That ranks right up there with being victimized by mailbox baseball or a flaming shitbomb on the front porch.

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