The David Carr(wreck) Era is Over and the Houston Chronicle have reported that the Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans have agreed to a deal that will send the Birds’ backup QB Matt Schaub to Houston. They originally tried to sign free agents Jeff Garcia and Patrick Ramsey to no avail, but this may be the best case scenario for Texans fans. However, the QB did not come on the cheap, so the success of this move will be analyzed for years to come. The Texans are swapping first-round picks in April’s draft, which means the Texans will pick 10th and the Falcons will select 8th. The Texans will also send the Falcons 2nd round picks this year and next year.

David Carr was the first-ever pick by Houston, taken with the first overall pick in the 2002 draft that was gifted to them by the NFL in their inaugural season. The David Carr experiment was an unmitigated disaster and attendance was dwindling in one of the best markets for football in the country, so the pressure was on to be aggressive in addressing the most important position in football.

The Texans' Future

This is obviously good news for Andre Johnson. He’s one of the most physically talented wide receivers in the NFL, but his fantasy value has been held in check by the Texans’ poor offense and extremely poor quarterback play by David Carr. Matt Schaub only has 6 career TD passes to go along with his 6 INTs (69.2 QB Rating), but he plays with great poise and has all the tools to be a starting QB in the NFL. David Carr’s unorthodox sidearm delivery has been a major concern since he was drafted, and that could have been a contributing factor in his complete lack of success, but the fact is he simply never learned to make sound decisions.

Carr will go down as one of the most-sacked quarterbacks in NFL history, right up there with Rob “Blindside” Johnson, notching an astounding 78 sacks his rookie season and 49, 68 and 41 the last three years and a total of 249 in his short career. The Houston offensive line was extremely porous for Carr’s entire tenure, but he never adapted. The bet here is that Schaub is able to make that adjustment, as he appears to be a more cerebral quarterback who has been groomed properly. Moreover, Schaub is a more mobile QB and he is familiar with the West Coast offense that Gary Kubiak will be running down in the Heart of Texas.


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