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Monday’s NBA Poll: Who’s the Best Unsigned, Restricted Free Agent?

July 20, 2009

Guard Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson Photo Credit: Icon SMI

Outside of a few select players, this summer’s crop of restricted free agents have largely suffered from the Rodney Dangerfield Syndome: they can’t get any respect.

The incumbent teams know the dollars on the open market are dwindling by the day, so they’re in no rush to offer more than the formal one-year tender. Meanwhile, the few teams with money to spend (and actually willing to spend it) have generally been loathe to pursue restricted FAs for fear of having their offer eventually matched and, in the process, losing out on other players during the seven-day waiting period.

Yep, good times all around for the likes of Nate Robinson, Marvin Williams, Ramon Sessions, etc… all young, talented, and sporting games that haven’t yet peaked. So you tell us: who’s the best restricted free agent still left hanging? Feel free to elaborate in the comments, too.

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