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Reading is Great! Featuring the Latest Coach of the Year Curse Casualty, Mike Brown

May 25, 2010

Lil Wayne reading the ETB Annual

- Hoops Karma – ETB’s good friend Zach Blott with the latest Coach of the Year Curse victim.
- Ball Don’t Lie – The esteemed Kelly Dwyer has a curious choice for ATL: Dwane Casey.
- NOLA.com – Meanwhile, the Hornets look to poach Celts’ defensive guru Tom Thibodeau.
- NY Daily News – Eddy Curry has no problem cashing checks; paying bills is another story.
- Orlando Sentinel – Hakeem reached out to Dwight; the young man responded in Game 4.
- Basketball Prospectus – DP’s Kevin Pelton puts recent coaching decisions into context.
- Celtics Blog – ETB fav Tony Allen is settling into his role with the streaking Boston Celtics.
- ESPN – Knicks plan a) LeBron and Bosh, plan b) Wade and Bosh, plan c) Wade and LeBron.
- NY Post – The quiet feud between James Dolan and Marv Albert continues to rage.
- Chicago Tribune – Rumours of Chicago reaching out to Phil Jackson were overstated.
- Yahoo! – The Woj, rightly, says Orlando doesn’t have the heart to rally past Boston.
- Hoops Karma – Free agents who won’t command max deals but will be very useful.
- AZ Republic – “He’s a twin, isn’t he? His brother can play. He’s got to do something, right?”

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