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December 28, 2009


- Ball Don’t Lie – My bad, Sacramento Kings. Nothing personal and no hard feelings.
- Yahoo! Sports – Just when you thought T-Mac couldn’t get anymore depressing…
- ESPN – Bill Simmons’ Magical Fantastical Hypothetical Trade Idea Generator
- SLAM ONLINE – The maturation of Amir Johnson continues.
- Hoop Doctors – An early preview of the 2010 Rookie/Sophomore Challenge.
- NBA FanHouse – Does it matter if Tyreke Evans is a true PG or not?
- Points in the Paint – Don’t give up on these struggling fantasy hoopers just yet.
- Give Me The Rock – Scoop these guys up on waivers while/if they’re still hurt.
- Philadelphia Inquirer – The 76ers can’t win games and some players can’t get along. Yay!
- Hoops Addict – The revamped Raptors are finally starting to gel.
- Forum Blue & Gold – Andrew Bynum gets dissected like a frog in 8th-grade biology class.
- Full-Court Press – With the Pistons nearing full strength, the rotation has become an issue.
- Red94 – Carl Landry is making a strong case for 6th Man of the Year honors.
- Bucks Blog – Coming to a NBA court near you: Brandon Jennings in “The Curse of 55″.
- Blazer’s Edge – A look back at the Portland Trail Blazers from 1999 – 2002.

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