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January 26, 2009

Reading is fun with Roger Mason Jr.

- NBA Mate – Meet the league’s all-time top 10 ballers from Down Under.
- Truth About It – Here’s what a coach looks like when his team commits 26 turnovers.
- New York Times – Brandon Jennings isn’t too crazy about his new life in Europe.
- New York Post – The Knicks happily welcome their wealthy, fairweather fans back to MSG.
- Red’s Army – Celtics fans are absolutely clamoring to buy this new Lakers t-shirt.
- Arizona Republic – The Suns’ Matt Barnes: “The wind is out of our sails.”
- Bullets Forever – Here’s why Caron and Antawn aren’t playing well together…
- ESPN – Will the third time be the charm for Lionel Hollins in Memphis?
- Pro Basketball News – More talk about the Orlando Magic and their legitimacy.
- Basketball.Org – Ten guys competing for a spot in this summer’s NBA lottery.
- The Sports Hernia – Be afraid of the Shirt-Tank 3000. Be very, very afraid.
- BlackSportsOnline – Chucky Atkins made about $39,512 to eat popcorn on the bench.
- Raptor Blog – On hating this version of the Toronto Raptors.
- Slam Dunk Central – The Houston Rockets are the latest beneficiaries of a date in Detroit.
- Fox Sports – Speaking of the Pistons, A.I. is one of their many problems.

1 Comment »Posted by Brian Spencer on Jan. 26, 2009 at 3:28 am in NBA

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The Rockets needed them badly. All of them. T-Mac, Ron and Scola. It is never easy going to place like Auburn Hills, getting a win there.

I think Scola’s contribution was more crucial as in his case, he was stepping in for Yao. He did that last season when Yao’s was out. The Rockets went on a 20 games unbeaten run.

Will there be able to emulate such feat again? Tomorrow against the Knicks much of that will be answered.


Posted by: john on January 26th, 2009 at 8:49 am

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