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Reading is Great! Today’s NBA Headlines, Rumors, and Red Herrings

January 21, 2009

NBA Reading is FAN-tastic!

- Bullets Forever – The Magic move to the top of this week’s NBA Blogger Power Rankings.
- Hoops Addict – A cozy fireside chat with NBA great Clyde Drexler.
- Dazadi – The best way to get to the 2009 NBA All-Star Game is on somebody else’s dime.
- Bright Side of the Sun – Should the Suns consider moving Amare Stoudemire?
- Slam! Sports – Frustration continues to mount for Chris Bosh and the hapless Raps.
- Detroit Bad Boys – Amir Johnson in, Richard Hamilton out of the Pistons’ starting lineup.
- Ball Don’t Lie – Jermaine O’Neal is anything but a good fit for the Miami Heat.
- Waiting for Next Year – What oh what to do with Wally World and his bloated contract…
- Bend It Like Bennett – Desmond Mason, fan of gingerbread lattes.
- 20 Second Timeout – Part I of David Friedman’s interview with Dr. Charles “Chic” Hess.
- 3 Shades of Blue – Must-read thoughts and insight on Darius Miles in Memphis.
- The Hoop Doctors – The NBA throws the ball back into liquor’s court.
- Sactown Royalty – We all know the Kings truly suck, but read this and you’ll know why.
- Blazer’s Edge – Rudy Fernandez is prepping a soccer-themed dunk for the Dunk Contest.
- Brownie Troop FS – Congrats are in order for Mickey Captain Mickey Melchiondo.

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Yo, have you seen this site?! Dude is a bit out there, but his stuff is super funny!


Posted by: LP on January 22nd, 2009 at 1:20 am

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