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December 23, 2008

Yao Ming Makes Reading Fun!

- Hoops Addict – The latest Blogger Power Rankings poll is up.
- 2nd Round Reach – A new comic tragedy comes to Broadway Madison Square Garden.
- SportsHubLA – The bar (and expectations) always remains high when you’re Kobe Bryant.
- The Hoop Doctors – The Miami Heat are doing it with defense.
- Bucks Diary – If Detroit can trade Billups, Milwaukee can trade Michael Redd.
- Thunder Rumblings – Scott Brooks harnesses the power of text messaging.
- Bright Side of the Sun – A “star-studded cast” of PGs are trying out for the Suns.
- Nets Daily – The Nets are leaving all options on the table for now with Nenad Krstic.
- Slam Online – Oh, that LeBron James is such a kidder.
- Interbasket – Bonzi Wells: 48 points, 11 boards, and 7 steals… for Shanxi Zhongyu.
- HoopsHype – Steve Kerr is waging all-out war on the Phoenix Suns’ fun machine.
- Dime Magazine – Stephon Marbury, one of the NBA’s Top 10 Villains.
- Need4Sheed – Congrats to any team scheduled to face the Pistons on a Sunday…
- Detroit Bad Boys – … or whenever Jack Nies is refereeing the game.
- Blaze of Love – Now they’re doing NBA cheerleader photo shoots in bathrooms… creepy.
- Denver Stiffs – George Karl needs to get over it and start J.R. Smith.

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Proud to have made the list!

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