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Reading is Great! Hump Day’s NBA News, Rumors, and Innuendo

November 19, 2008

Doc Rivers thinks reading is GREAT!

- Need4Sheed.com – Kwame Brown can’t dress and Arron Afflalo can’t dance. Amazing clip.
- TWolves Blog – A fun spin on a topic dear to our hearts: firing Randy Wittman.
- HoopsHype – Count Randy Foye, however, as a Randy Wittman believer.
- TrueHoop – An insider’s view on Mark Cuban’s insider trading scandal.
- Upside and Motor – Jason Terry and the Mavericks, flirting with the occult.
- NJ.com – He still depresses us, but VC does have some redeeming off-the-court qualities.
- Hoops Addict – Round 1 of the Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings: discuss.
- Ball Don’t Lie – Danny Ainge once received stitches in his hand stemming from a tree bite.
- The Hoop Doctors – Tyson Chandler turns to Eddy Curry for some advice. No, really.
- NBA FanHouse – Take out the f-bombs and ‘Sheed Wallace could be a good coach one day.
- HOOPSWORLD – Shane Battier to save the Houston Rockets from a freefall?
- Recliner GM – We’re all trying to still figure out this incarnation of the Philadelphia 76ers.
- SI.com – Yeah, we’re liking this Rudy Fernandez kid in Portland too.
- 20 Second Timeout – Go away, Shaq. And if you can’t do that, at least shut up.
- The Sports Corner – An early report card for the 2008 rookie class.

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Patrick Reusse, the portly Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter, wrote a real article this AM calling for Wittman to be fired and for Flip to be brought back. Flip lives in Medina, MN, a western suburb, and is currently unemployed. Despite hating Flip during his MN tenure for having 500 plays in his playbook all designed to get a 18-24 foot jump shot late in the shot clock, and then complaining about getting outshot at the free throw line 81 out of 82 games every year, I have to admit that Flip was infinitely better than Wittman.

Posted by: gurf morlix on November 19th, 2008 at 1:29 am

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