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Reading is Great! Monday Morning’s NBA News, Rumors, and Shocking Allegations

November 17, 2008

Yao Ming Makes Reading Fun!

- True Blue Jazz – The Blogger Power Rankings roll on to Week 4; Lakers remain on top.
- The Hoop Doctors – It’s up for discussion, but our take is that Shaq deserved the ejection.
- Spurs Report – And hey, speaking of dirty players, how about that Bruce Bowen?
- Bust a Bucket – Maybe what Greg Oden needs most is some room to breathe.
- Red’s Army – Rajon Rondo’s scoring (and shooting) drought has some worried.
- The Sports Culture – NBA prospect Brandon Jennings is doing just fine over in Rome.
- SLC Dunk – A slightly biased, yet quite thoroughly detailed anatomy of the traveling call.
- Rumors and Rants – J.J. Redick, still whining and badly sucking for the Orlando Magic.
- Brew Hoop – A few reasons why the Milwaukee Bucks aren’t (yet) in last place.
- MLive.com – Some publicity for something ‘Sheed wants no publicity for.

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