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Reading is Great! Tuesday’s NBA News, Rumors, and Innuendo

November 11, 2008

Fat Men Think Reading is Great!

- At the Hive – Week 2 of the Blogger Power Rankings is up (and it’s super snazzy-lookin’).
- Waiting for Next Year – The Cavaliers’ plus/minus leader thus far is… Wally Szczerbiak?!
- Knicks.com – Walt Frazier volunteers to make prank phone calls on your behalf.
- Wizards Insider – Remember when Gilbert was best known for his b-ball talents? Anyone?
- Both Teams Played Hard – 31 past and present NBA players in this blog carnival.
- Inside Hoops – Kevin Love sings! Randy Wittman cracks jokes! Woo. Hoo.
- The Love Blog – Speaking of Love, he has a NBA.com blog. Mmhmm, he’s a big boy now.
- Pickaxe and Roll – Give it up for the Denver Nuggets defense. That’s right, their defense.
- Half-Blog Half-Amazing – The dawn of a new day at MSG (and Donnie Walsh is a zombie).
- Hoops Addict – If you don’t feel totally silly talking about Adidas’ “brotherhood”…
- Wedding Style – Antonio McDyess looks dapper–no, just plain sexy–in wedding white.
- Fast Break – The state of the Golden State Warriors franchise is (apparently) strong.
- Pro Basketball News – An in-depth look at how well a few high-flyers shot/shoot FTs.

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