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Reading is Great! Thursday’s NBA News, Rumors, and Innuendo

November 6, 2008

Reading NBA Blogs is fun!

- Empty the Bench – Added a few photos from the NBA Opening Day Event in NYC.
- Ben’s Phoenix Suns Blog – Amare Stoudemire went absolutely apeshit on the Pacers…
- Yahoo! – … while Tony Parker topped Amare’s 51 with 55 points against the T’Wolves.
- Raptor Blog – Don’t feel too bad about last night’s loss to the Pistons, Raptors fans.
- 3 Shades of Blue – Stat predictions for the Grizzlies; it’s not looking good for Darko (again).
- Hoops Addict – JaVale McGee, aiming to be better than Dwight Howard.
- Blog Maverick – Mark Cuban is proud to be an American.
- The Hoop Doctors – You just know Obama would love to school GWB on the hardwood.
- NBA Rumors – Steve Nash invoking David Brent for his latest Vitamin Water ad.
- Celtics Blog – Antonio McDyess may get a phone call from the Boston Celtics.
- Talking Points – This Monta Ellis situation in Oaktown could get really messy.
- National Post – The Raps may need to pull out all the stops to keep Bosh in Toronto.
- Real GM – The case for giving Eddy Curry a fresh start and another chance.
- The Detroit News – LeBron to Detroit in 2010? At least one writer thinks that’s hogwash.

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