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Reading is Great! Tuesday’s NBA Rumors, Breaking News, and Blog Links

June 10, 2008

Reading is really fun!

- The Sports Hernia – The sports world still can’t believe Paul Pierce played in Game 2.
- Wicked Good Sports – You are what Boston Celtics jersey you wear.
- Kare 11 Television – Not a good sign: Brooke Lopez stuffed by 46-year-old TV analyst.
- NY Daily News – Ron Artest wants to play for the New York Knicks. Fun!
- Detroit Bad Boys – Maybe the hiring of Michael Curry in Detroit isn’t such a bad idea…
- Stet Sports Blog – Jeff Van Gundy is still stuck with Mike Breen and Mark Jackson.
- Waiting for Next Year – Danny Ferry is still stuck between a rock and a hard place.
- Red’s Army – Curt Schilling not impressed w/ Kobe Bryant; nobody impressed by Schilling.
- Blazer’s Edge – Rudymania is sweeping across the northwestern United States.
- Uncoached – Because photos of Greg Oden partying never seem to get old.
- Ball Don’t Lie – Rod Benson always knew Leon Powe was capable of doing that.
- With Malice… – LA only have themselves to blame for 10 free throws in Game 2 = hogwash.
- Washington Post – Gilbert is officially a free agent; we think the Wiz should call his bluff.

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