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Reading is Great! Friday’s NBA Rumors, Breaking News, and Blog Links

May 30, 2008

Reading NBA Blogs is fun!

- 20 Second Timeout – Kobe Bryant’s “performance for the ages” overwhelmed the Spurs.
- ESPN – Lindsey Hunter says now is not the time for ‘Sheed to pay homage to KG.
- SLAM – Walter Hermann, you are looking sex-ay on that Pistons bench lately…
- LA Ball Talk – Perhaps it’s time for the NBA to consider taking a “less is more” approach.
- Awful Announcing – Kudos to the Lakers… but Sasha Vujacic is a little a-hole.
- Ball Don’t Lie – Take the Ball Don’t Lie Board of Linguistics and Language challenge!
- Upside and Motor – Forget good cop/bad cop: John Paxson plays good idea/bad idea.
- Daily Basketball – The Boston Celtics will welcome any and all bandwagon fans.
- Raw Sports Blog – Will the Denver Nuggets be the next team to give up on J.R. Smith?
- Docksquad Sports – Euros playing in the NBA owe a debt of gratitude to Drazen Petrovic.
- MLive – The Pistons may lose more than just a game tonight if they don’t beat Boston.
- Rumors and Rants – Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out 2 for the Nintendo Wii? I’d buy it.
- Pistons Blog – Apparently some “Pistons fans” are already calling for change.
- HoopsAddict – Rashad Mobley sits down with Jemele Hill, a rising star in the ESPN family.

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