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May 14, 2008

Delonte West: Read to Achieve

- With Malice… – The Magic have nothing to be ashamed of—Detroit was simply too smooth.
- Yahoo! Sports – Notorious Pistons critic Dan Wetzel says six straight ECFs is “notable.”
- The World of Isaac – Add another clip to the Tayshaun Prince blocks highlight reel.
- Ball in Europe – Andrei Kirilenko, Memo Okur and Pau Gasol looking hot.
- Same Page Sports – A comprehensive directory of all the athlete blogs on the internets.
- Fan IQ – Last night was just another chapter in Popovich vs. Crawford.
- Hoops Addict – The Jazz have their work cut out for them in LA tonight.
- Draft Express – Rounding up all the hot gossip from the NBA Agents Union seminar.
- Sportaphile – Snoop Dogg & Kurupt record the Lakers Theme for the 2008 playoffs.
- Upside and Motor – Things aren’t going as planned for KG in Boston.
- Real Clear Sports – So, Latrell Sprewell may not be able to feed his family after all.
- Talking Points – The NBA No-Defense Team, starring Nash, Carmelo and Big Al.

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