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Reading is Great! Thursday’s NBA Links

May 8, 2008

Scottie Pippen (Tries to) Make Reading Fun!

- NY Post – Sebastian Telfair is hanging out at strip clubs with male models from Sweden.
- Vegan Fish Tacos – A solid mock draft with fairly detailed explanations for each pick.
- Houston Chronicle – After being cut down by the Jazz, T-Mac is cut up by a surgeon.
- SPORTSbyBROOKS – Apparently Richard Jefferson is a choker both on and off the court.
- NBA Blog Squad – Surprise! Gilbert Arenas says he “makes it easy” for Antawn Jamison.
- Hoops Addict – Rashard and Hedo are good, but the Magic live and die by Dwight.
- Pro Basketball News – Were Avery Johnson’s parting shots at Dallas really necessary?
- The Play in California – Andrei Kirilenko is on a personal mission to break Kobe.
- HOOPSWORLD – If the Blazers want a new PG, there are options out there this summer.
- Detroit Bad Boys – Calling all NYC, Chicago, D.C., and Los Angeles-based Pistons fans…
- The Legend of Cecilio Guante – Help us, Obi-Ron Turiaf, you’re our only hope.
- Hoop Doctors – Body checks, closeouts, and flopping—all in a day’s work for the Spurs.
- With Malice… – A lack of maturity is amongst the Denver Nuggets’ many problems.
- Raw Sports Blog – Honestly, I would love to see A.I. somehow end up in Detroit.

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