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Reading is Great! Friday’s NBA Links

April 18, 2008

Reading is Grrrrrreat!

- Truth About It – Expect a good, clean, respectful series between the Wiz and Cavs.
- The Sac Bee – Reggie Theus isn’t impressed by his team’s leading scorer.
- Soapbox Land – Bad Boys from Detroit’s past and present just don’t give a f*#k.
- The Onion – Pau Gasol and Tony Parker share a very special moment on the court.
- Deuce of Davenport - Taking five minutes to check in with Gheorghe “My Giant” Muresan.
- Sports Media Watch – Ric Bucher and The Church of Latter-Day Saints are not friends.
- The Globe and Mail – Profiling your boys over at The Basketball Jones.
- Queen City Hoops – Jason Richardson is not your ideal team MVP.
- Talking Points – Enough with the self-pity, Don Nelson. This is your job.
- WhatIfSports - Simulating the NBA Playoffs 10,000 times to predict the outcome.
- Basketbawful – Never forget all the glory that was the NBA’s last day of the regular season.

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