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Fantasy Football: Week 4 Positional Rankings

September 27, 2007

ETB’s bonafide fantasy pros are here to help alleviate your starting roster stress. Every week during the fantasy football season we’ll rank the top 20 quarterbacks, 25 running backs, 25 wide receivers, 15 tight ends and 15 team defenses based on past performance, news and developments, situations, and matchups. No two sets of experts will agree and you’re going to see a lot of conflicting ranks out there, but by now you know there’s only a select few you can truly rely on. We’d like to think we’re one of ‘em. In all their glory, ETB’s Week 4 Fantasy Rankings… apologies, kickers are dead to us.

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Fantasy Week 4: Top 20 Quarterbacks

Romo Knows Rock

1. Tom Brady, New England @ CIN
2. Tony Romo, Dallas vs. STL
3. Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia @ NYG
4. Carson Palmer, Cincinnati vs. NE
5. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis vs. DEN
6. Jon Kitna, Detroit vs. CHI
7. Brett Favre, Green Bay @ MIN
8. Eli Manning, New York Giants vs. PHI
9. Marc Bulger, St. Louis @ DAL
10. Philip Rivers, San Diego vs. KC
11. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh @ ARZ
12. Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle @ SF
13. Chad Pennington, New York Jets @ BUF
14. Jay Cutler, Denver @ IND
15. Trent Green, Miami vs. OAK
16. Jeff Garcia, Tampa Bay @ CAR
17. Matt Schaub, Houston @ ATL
18. Brian Griese, Chicago @ DET
19. Alex Smith, San Francisco vs. SEA
20. Derek Anderson, Cleveland vs. BAL

Fantasy Week 4: Top 25 Running Backs

Addai: Stud

1. Joseph Addai, Indianapolis vs. DEN
2. Frank Gore, San Francisco vs. SEA
3. LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego vs. KC
4. Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia @ NYG
5. Fast Willie Parker, Pittsburgh @ SF
6. Marion Barber III, Dallas vs. STL
7. LaMont Jordan, Oakland @ MIA
8. Willis McGahee, Baltimore @ CLE
9. Ronnie Brown, Miami vs. OAK
10. Travis Henry, Denver @ IND
11. Laurence Maroney, New England @ CIN
12. Marshawn Lynch, Buffalo vs. NYJ
13. Shaun Alexander, Seattle @ SF
14. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota vs. GB
15. Thomas Jones, New York Jets @ BUF
16. Edgerrin James, Arizona vs. PIT
17. Larry Johnson, Kansas City @ SD (Check Status)
18. Cedric Benson, Chicago @ DET
19. DeShaun Foster, Carolina vs. TB
20. Derrick Ward, New York Giants vs. PHI
21. Jamal Lewis, Cleveland vs. BAL
22. Ron Dayne, Houston @ ATL
23. Kenny Watson, Cincinnati vs. NE
24. Kevin Jones, Detroit vs. CHI (Check Status)
25. Brian Leonard, St. Louis @ DAL

Fantasy Week 4: Top 25 Wide Receivers

He Walks the Walk

1. Randy Moss, New England @ CIN
2. Terrell Owens, Dallas vs. STL
3. Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis vs. DEN
4. Stevonne Smith, Carolina vs. TB
5. Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis vs. DEN
6. Roy Williams, Detroit vs. CHI
7. Chad Johnson, Cincinnati vs. NE
8. Torry Holt, St. Louis @ DAL
9. Donald Driver, Green Bay @ MIN
10. Kevin Curtis, Philadelphia @ NYG
11. Plaxico Burress, New York Giants vs. PHI (Check Status)
12. Anquan Boldin, Arizona vs. PIT
13. TJ Houshmandzadeh, Cincinnati vs. NE
14. Laveranues Coles, New York Jets vs. BUF
15. Deion Branch, Seattle @ SF
16. Bernard Berrian, Chicago @ DET
17. Javon Walker, Denver @ IND (Check Status)
18. Joey Galloway, Tampa Bay @ CAR
19. Chris Chambers, Miami vs. OAK
20. Braylon Edwards, Cleveland vs. BAL
21. Wes Welker, New England @ CIN
22. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona vs. PIT
23. Nate Burleson, Seattle @ SF
24. Brandon Marshall, Denver @ IND
25. Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh @ ARZ

Fantasy Week 4: Top 15 Tight Ends

The Gates is Always Open

1. Antonio Gates, San Diego vs. KC
2. Jason Witten, Dallas vs. STL
3. Jeremy Shockey, New York Giants vs. PHI
4. Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City @ SD
5. Dallas Clark, Indianapolis vs. DEN
6. Alge Crumpler, Atlanta vs. HOU
7. Todd Heap, Baltimore @ CLE (Check Status)
8. Heath Miller, Pittsburgh @ SF
9. Owen Daniels, Houston @ ATL
10. Benjamin Watson, New England @ CIN
11. Kellen Winslow, Cleveland vs. BAL (Check Status)
12. Jeff King, Carolina vs. TB
13. Bubba Franks, Green Bay @ MIN
14. Donald Lee, Green Bay @ MIN
15. Randy McMichael, St. Louis @ DAL

Fantasy Week 4: Top 15 Team Defenses

Polamalu Likes Pain

1. Pittsburgh Steelers @ ARZ
2. Dallas Cowboys vs. STL
3. Baltimore Ravens @ CLE
4. Green Bay Packers @ MIN
5. Minnesota Vikings vs. GB
6. New England Patriots @ CIN
7. San Diego Chargers vs. KC
8. Houston Texans @ ATL
9. Tampa Bay Bucs @ CAR
10. Indianapolis Colts vs. DEN
11. Chicago Bears @ DET
12. Seattle Seahawks @ SF
13. Detroit Lions vs. CHI
14. Kansas City Chiefs @ SD
15. Oakland Raiders @ MIA

2 Comments »Posted by Andrew Thell and Brian Spencer on Sep. 27, 2007 at 7:24 pm in Fantasy Rankings, NFL, NFL Fantasy News

2 Responses

I have Derrick Ward, Kevin Jones, and Brian Leonard. Which 2 do I start Week 4?

Posted by: John on September 28th, 2007 at 11:27 pm

John–I think Ward should definitely be in there… between KJ and Leonard, we have the Lions’ RB ranked just ahead of the rook, only because we haven’t really seen him in extensive regular-season action yet. He will, however, be getting more work than Jones.

It’s a tough one–I’d go w/ Jones, but you never know.

Posted by: Brian on September 29th, 2007 at 4:32 pm

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